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Dentistry/molar extraction and sunken cheeks


Steven P W wrote at 2009-01-02 01:17:33
Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I've been doing a little more research and have had a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who is recomending Sculptra and Evolence to restore the lost volume.

The upper molars that where removed where the 2nd premolars, on either side. The lower teeth that where removed where my 1st Molars, which as you pointed out, do affect the muscles in my face.

You said in your answer 'Having implants placed to replace the second molars will have no effect on your facial appearance.  That is as along as the 1st molars are in place'.  

Now that I know it is my lower 1st molars that where removed, if these where replaced, would it effect my facial appearance ?

There are still gaps where these teeth used to be, the left gap is larger than the right, so I am assuming braces could make room for the implants.

Thanks again for your help. I am going to start seeing orthodontists, but I would like to get as many opinions as I can first, as I understand a lot of professionals will tell you that you need this and that treatment because after all they are running a business, and I just don't trust NHS dentists anymore.


j wrote at 2009-07-05 21:41:39

 i personally now exactly what you are talking about...i have heard the same thing from my oral surgeon after i went back to him when i had my second molar removed ( the third were allready pulled).....i complained to him that i had pain that felt like a pulled muscle and that my face was sinking in and changing.....that was shortly after i had it one would listen to me but now after over a year i look like a different person.. i only have one molar on the other side (top) as face has always been narrow and i even used to be pretty but i have at 32 yrs old lost the dimension in my face and my bite has collapsed abit on the one side as well....i too look way older than my is very difficult to deal with when you have no money to correct the problem and it is your face, you know.    anyway i dont care what the drs say...when you remove a tooth adn bone comes out with continue to loose more bone after( which i was not informed of)  and that will effect your facial structure....hope you find some help with this , at least i know there is someone out there who feels the same way i do.        j

closerLook wrote at 2010-03-02 21:22:27
I am going through the same problem my upper molars were extracted for braces in 2005, within a week the changes began to happen and still happening. Changes to my facial muscle, laugh line, nose, eyes (feel and look 'deep set'# hearing, neck, lips. I fell into a deep depression, I damaged myself mentally and physically by allowing this. It is very painful the headaches are a everyday thing now. I was twenty at the time and my school job and pretty much my whole life came to a stop. This is very real and I want to warn the parents do NOT ALLOW EXTRACTIONS on your child. Straight teeth can be accomplished without extraction be very careful. Your child's face is still growing and missing teeth can hurt the structure.I had a MRI done was sent to ENT, counselors, pcp but everyone shrugged there shoulder and said "well theres no such thing" This is slowly coming to light. For people already in my shoes stay strong we have to get through this and stop this from happening again and again.  

Wisdom wrote at 2015-04-06 05:20:29
Hi, just wondering if the commenter above is referring to her wisdom teeth? I feel for all of you, going through same thing with wisdoms and getting implants.


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