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Dentistry/Sinus/face pain after sinus lift and implant


Geo104 wrote at 2015-04-27 21:47:19
You should also have a culture selectivity test done. A piece of the infected area is removed and sent to a lab for sensitivity testing. More and more bacteria are becoming resistant to penicillin derivative antibiotics. Your biopsy will be place in nutrient agar and grown. Then a lab technician will place small strips into the culture each with a different antibiotic. The bacteria will show the antibiotic it is sensitive to and which antibiotic to rule out. This doctor is using an educated guess based on his experience. I would hate to guess myself, but Ciprofloxacin is a good bet. But until you get the correct antibiotic. you are not only suffering but endangering the bone graft. don't

worry this is a quick turn around procedure. 3 days at most. In a week it will be under control. So

sorry I know you did not expect this. This Doctor should be more understanding. If your  pain is not bearable go to the hospital.  


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