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Dentistry/"invisalign" systemic allergic reactions


Concerned Nevada wrote at 2008-11-08 19:16:50
I want to add that I think she is absolutely correct.  My 13 year old just got the same exact reactions two times this past week and she just got her invisalign bottom tray two days prior.  She got severe rash and her lip swelled up.  The rash was very bad all over her body and her face.  We had her remove the retainer and she is fine after two days.  Her body was in pain, her hands were swollen and her feet were all full of hives too.

Dr. Linda Atwill wrote at 2009-09-01 14:31:12
Dear Marilyn, My name is Dr. Linda Atwill. I am a Ph.D. who specialize in Ethical and Quality of Life Issues, including Life-Threatening Illness. I, too, had horrific reactions to two different Invisalign materials. Within fifteen minutes of the first appliance being put in my mouth at my orthodontist's office, driving home, I began to have pain, swelling and tiny blisters in my mouth and throat. I had a meeting and could hardly stand or talk. My lips, tongue and throat were painfully swollen within thirty minutes and I had intensified flu-like symptoms for over two weeks. I was so ill that I could hardly sit up. I had systemic swelling. My tongue was abraded and bled. Hundreds of tiny blisters were inside my mouth and throat. I, too, was nauseated. Invisalign made two more sets of appliances. I had a somewhat less severe allergic reaction to the second material, but only left that material a short time, my doctor and I monitoring my response. The third material was less toxic and only caused a sore throat and some facial swelling. My dentist and Invisalign representatives suggested washing the appliances to remove all liquid sterilization residue. My orthodontist's office is closed Friday-Sunday. Having gotten my first appliance on a Thursday afternoon, I called with my emergency immediately, but his office manager did not understand the severity. I even had to cancel a trip I was so sick. The third material, after waiting months, washing them repeatedly, was tolerable. Invisalign reps initially denied the possibility. Talking to someone at Invisalin directly, I learned that other people have had allergic reactions. They never offered to refund my money. The FDA and the Attorney General should know. No one should have to go through these allergic reactions.

Gimpy wrote at 2009-09-18 12:41:10
I am in my 50s and started on Invisalign braces late in April of this year (2009).  I had a sore throat at first, but that only lasted a day.  At the time, I had damaged my knee and had some pain when I did certain movements with that leg.  Right after I started on the Invisalign, the pain became much more severe and eventually affected both knees and even the muscles in the legs.  Could be a coincidence, but I wonder, because many years ago, when I was somewhere between age 10 and a teenager, I experienced an allergic reaction to something I ate (what it was was never determined) that gave me a  severe case of hives all over my body for a few days, and as that went away, I experienced severe joint pain for another few days.  I am still wearing the Invisalign braces, though now I soak them before inserting them; they cost too much to just stop when I don't know for sure that they are the problem, and in fact the idea can seem farfetched.  But the timing and my history, as well as a general propensity towards allergies to some extent, have me questioning whether at least some of my problem is related to the braces.

Holkey wrote at 2009-09-25 19:18:23
I also had an anaphlactic reation to the invisalign trays within the first 24 hours. Swelling of the upper lip. I ignored it thinking my mouth just needed to get used the trays. 44 hours later I was in emergency and was given bedadryl,pepcid, decadron and ativan intraveniously. I was sent home with prednisone,zyrtec, and zantac.

  This was very frightening and inconvenient...please Invisalign look int your product!

Clinton wrote at 2009-12-08 07:12:17
Holy cow!  I've had invisalign for almost seven days.  After two my lymph nodes were swollen in my neck, I had a sore throat and I had a rash all over my abdomen. Now my lymph nodes in my groin are swollen and I feel a little sick.  I have an ulcer on my lip and I think the rash is still there.  I'm really concerned.  I think I will call the company.  

Debbie wrote at 2010-05-04 16:28:04
I started my Invisalign treatment at the beginning of April.  Within 1 hour of getting home with 1st trays in place, I was sweating profusely from every pore in my body and only felt safe sitting on loo with head between knees.  Once I had cooled down I went to bed for the afternoon and sipped water to rehydrate.  I mentioned the reaction to my dentist and asked him to rinse the new trays off before inserting and so far so good.  I guess it is possible there is some sort of 'preservative' residue in the packaging.  Seems too much of a co-incidence that there are so many similar reactions.

Steve wrote at 2010-09-21 20:53:02
This is great...  I've had Invisalign for over 4 years now.  I never thought anything about it, but I had a cold approximately every other month.  As soon as I would get over something, another one would come on.  I've been on nightly maintenence for the last 1.5 years.  I haven't been very good about wearing them though.  I'll go weeks and a couple of times months in between wearing them.  The last time I did this I thought to myself that I'll probably get sick if I put these in and I did.  I stopped wearing them for the last couple of months and started to see my teeth shifting again, so I decided I better not go too long without.  I thought to myself that I'll be sick again if I put these in, but I did anyway.  Sure enough within 2 days I had a full blown cold.  I took them out for a few days and started feeling much better.  I put them back in 2 days ago and sure enough I feel like I'm coming down with a cold again.  I was my hands very well before wearing these, so I'm convinced it is the aligners.  Somebody needs to launch an investigation because looking back I have suffered tremendously over the past 4+ years.  My teeth look pretty good though...

tn wrote at 2011-01-08 04:37:18
I had a similar reaction to the invisalign tray.  After one night of wearing the tray i woke up with a severely swollen lip.  It was so uncomfortable and strange that I went to the emergency room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  I was afraid the swelling could affect my throat and breathing.  They injected Benadryl and kept me for several hour for observation.  The Benadryl help the swelling go down.  At the time, the doctors could not figure why this happened until I told them I had been using the plastic tray.  They clearly said this was an allergic reaction to the plastic used in the product.  Hence, I never used the tray again and wasted a huge amount of money for nothing!

cn wrote at 2011-01-08 04:54:16
Severely swollen lip after using product for only 3 hours.  Rushed to ER in fear of the swelling spreading to my throat.  Injected Benadryl, adivan and pepcid.  I was kept for observation and sent home with more medication.  I think this should be addressed immediately!  Waste of time, money and scared the heck out of me and my family.

Lisa wrote at 2011-02-20 22:10:54
Just so you'll know, I've been using this device for almost 3 years, but just recently (about 2 months ago) began experiencing SEVERE problems with swelling / redness/ itching of my lips.  IT's HORRIBLE.  After trying everything, I decided to look up Invisilign, to find out they have lawsuits going on.  Evidentally this is happening to LOTS of folks, including me!  They FAILED to report these reactions, which is why it hasn't been publicised.

Linda wrote at 2011-03-05 02:24:36
I used invisalign for over one year with no problmes.  Recently, I received through the mail, a set of new aligners.  Shortly afterward, I awoke one morning to super swollen lips and face.  It was like someone injected my lips with Botox!  The corners of my lips are cracked severely, the inside of my mouth is red and sensitive.  It is HORRIBLE.  I can barely brush my teeth due to the sensitivity of my gums.

I went to an allergist and completed some tests.  Negative. I have gone to two other doctors, the last telling my to stop using the aligners.  That was 3 days ago.

Invisalign needs to alert their patients and dentists of this life threatening reaction to their product.  And NOW.

ceb71 wrote at 2011-03-06 01:57:53
I have also been suffering for the past 2+ years. I just saw this morning that the FDA issued a warning to the Invisilign Makers. I started invisilign in July 2008. Within a week of starting, I had jaw pain so severely that I visited my dentist. She didn't think it had anything to do with the invisilign. The jaw pain started to subside after 3 weeks. I then got the worst mouth ulcers and swelling. I once again went to my dentist. she insisted that it had nothing to do with the invisilign. I saw my primary care a couple time that week and the next. She put me on predisone, which helped the swelling. I have been using my bottom tray as maintenence for the past 2 years, and have had subsequent bouts of mouth ulcers and swelling over the last year, almost monthly. I didn't put 2 and 2 together until I started keeping a medical and food journal. so this morning I did a search on invisilign and mouth ulcers and found the FDA warning. I immediately put a call into my dentist that she needed to call me Monday. I am stopping my invisilign as of today, and am wondering if there will be any lasting issues once I've stopped. Also interested in suing them for not disclosing the side-effects earlier. Would have saved me much pain and suffering over the last 2 years.  

Pualani108 wrote at 2011-04-16 06:38:16
I came to this forum looking to see if anyone else had experienced what I had experienced with invisalign: sore throat, swollen throat, difficulty breathing, exhaustion, feeling like something's in my lungs and I need to cough it up. I was talking to my dentist's receptionist the other day and telling her I was having these symptoms and thinking about quitting invisalign. She said that none of her other patients were experiencing those symptoms, and that I should talk with the dentist more about it. I'm supposed to talk with him Monday. The more research I do on this subject, the more I see that others have had the same or similar symptoms as me. My natural practitioner (cause I don't usually see western doctors when I'm sick) recommended me to take these products: Chem detox, xeno stat, super nano green tea, and dhla. They work well, and I feel a lot better. It's reduced the inflammation in my throat. I suggest try them to get out the toxicity from the invisalign out of your system, especially the person with the scary asthma symptoms. You can google Dr. Bob Marshal and PR Labs to find the products or a practitioner that can give them to you.  

bright smile ruined lips and gums wrote at 2011-06-24 13:08:24
i have been using invisalign over the past 4 years...intermittently i have had mouth problems and gum and lip irritability.  The original place where i purchased the invisalign treatment, Vitaldent, halfway throught my treatement was sold to a different company(went down from 5 offices i could visit with 5 full time orthodontists to one office with 1 ortho visiting only 2 days a month!!. They also tried to charge me for additional treatment each time i went. They also tried to charge me when i started getting mouth uslers irritation on my lips and gums.  They said it was not because of the invisalign.  I saw doctors which said it was a mouth virus and gave me huge doses of valtrex which made me sick to my stomach and sleep for three days.  I have been wearing my final set of trays now for 2 months because i could not get in to see the ortho and get the trays/ buttons on my teeth removed, which also irritate my mouth when the trays are out.  I have had bouts of mouth canker sores, swollen lips, bumps under my tounge and overall discomfort.  the minute i take the trays out the symptoms lessen.  They want me to get permanent trays to wear at night and i just dont want to deal with this anymore.  Has anyone gotten a permanent retainer put in instead? I just cannot deal with this it is affecting my life, and my sex life as well!! i live with my boyfriend and i cant even be intimate with him because my mouth is in a state of permanent chaos!!! help<

Darlene wrote at 2011-10-05 22:06:37
Within 24 hours of beginning invisalign braces I had terrible mouth sores even under my tongue. I also developed red itchy rash patches on my chest, neck, jawline and one eyelid. My doctor dismissed it and left me to suffer on my own. After 2 weeks I started the 2nd tray and couldn't sleep from itchy rashes and then sore throat. My worst experience was waking up 3 mornings in a row and I could not open my mouth, my jaw was locked. I also had popping in upper neck at base of skull. I decided to stop treatment. Everything cleared up, but now my Doctor expects me to pay her for her lab fees. I believe she is at fault for not disclosing the potential severe side effects such as mine. She is threatening to report my account as delinquent to credit services. I will file a lawsuit against her if she does! I'm upset that doctors can get away with this.

In Pain wrote at 2012-01-29 17:59:16
I have been using Invisalign braces for 3 months with no problems until I put in my 6th aligner. My lips swelled up and I have painful blisters that keep popping and then burning. I took the aligners out and it cleared up within a couple of days. The dentist said it was not the aligners as it would affect my tongue and gums as well. I systematically tried to other changes to see if it could be something else, but I am now sure it is the aligners. I have put them in off and on in the past two weeks with the same results. Benadryl and Vaseline helped, but there must be something in the plastic that causes the allergic reaction. I am going back to the dentist this week to see what happened the the production of the aligners between #5 and #6

Renee wrote at 2012-02-05 21:36:17
Wow, I have the same experience as "in Pain"  I've been wearing the Invisalign braces 5 months and the morning after I put in my 8th aligner set I woke up with swollen lips like I had collagen injections and they were very itchy.  It gradually went away, and I didn't really relate the reaction to the aligners until I just put in set 9 this past Friday and hello puffy lips Saturday morning!  I'll be calling my ortho on Monday, but it seems so strange that I have been fine up until now.

kelly wrote at 2012-03-14 15:24:14
my daughter is 17 and used her trays for several days before breaking out in hives all over her body she had to go to urgent care and get an epinepherine injection and take oral steroids for 6 days . it is the 6th day today and still has the rash all over her body. she does not want to go to school and has become quite depressed. now she has  crooked teeth and a rash that will not go away! terrible

K wrote at 2012-07-23 07:14:31
I wonder how many others there are who have experienced allergic reactions after using Invisalign for over a year.  I've never had allergic reactions to anything, except for mild pollen allergies occasionally.  For the past two months, though, I've been dealing with terrible symptoms on my face, which started with dry lips and rash around my mouth and progressed to itchy hives, red rash around mouth and eyes, and swelling of my lips and upper and lower eyelids, alternately.  I've had about three rounds of facial swelling that lasts days (starts with lips, then they crack and peel and then the eyes swell), along with the roof of my mouth and slightly swollen tongue.  I've been to my doctor, who referred me to dermatologist and an allergist... the allergist thought it was one of my body products that I turned out to be allergic to, but I have now not used that (which I'd used for 5 years on my face) for a month or so, and have just had another reaction the last couple of days.  Swollen lips, redness all around lips and chin, swollen eyes... all my blood work is normal, and I'm getting in touch with doctors again about what to do next.  I hadn't mentioned to any of them that I use Invisalign and have for the past year and half now.  I realized that the trays I have in now have been in longer than any others-- probably 4 months, because they had to redo the treatment plan due to the plan not working correctly in straightening my teeth.  I've been waiting to hear from my dentist about the new sets of trays.  I'm wondering if there's something about having the same set for more than a few months(?)  I know once you are finished, and just using the retainer trays, they send you a new set every 3 months, right?  Now, I'm wondering if there's a reason.  Who knows, maybe it's something else causing this, but I can't help but wonder after reading online about allergic reactions to Invisalign.  I also had, by the way, the sore throat, cough, etc. after new trays, which I realized were due to the coating on them.  Once I started washing/brushing new trays first, that stopped.  I am concerned now, though... my teeth are not quite straight, and the dentist thought it'd be another few months most before they'd be straight, once we get the new aligners from Invisalign, but if there's a chance this is what's causing my horrible allergic attacks the last two months, there's no doubt I'll quit.  I may just test it out and leave them out for a day or two to see (or ask for a retainer to be made for me while I try quitting Invisalign.)  Wow... i was already hesitant to keep plastic in my mouth all the time, but now I really am wondering...  

charliebrown wrote at 2012-08-11 20:21:59
I am a 38 year old woman living in London, UK.  I started invisalign 4 weeks ago. The first trays were fine, apart from waking in the night with an excessively dry mouth. I am breastfeeding so I thought it was due to that.

With the second trays I noticed initially that I just really wanted to pull them out. I had a dry mouth all the time and my glands started to come up. They were just not comfortable. Again, I put this down to my lack of sleep with the baby taking its toll.

However last Sunday my tongue started to get sore underneath. I still hadn't thought it was the braces until finally on Tuesday night, my entire mouth was itchy, bright red and blistered. At 2am I removed them but the next day my glands got bigger and my mouth continued to blister and redden.

I went to the Doctor on Wednesday and she was unequivocal - I had had an allergic reaction to either the plastic or as people seem to think the chemicals used to sterilise them.

My mouth continued to give me pain. I also felt like I had flu. I felt so poorly that my husband had to take the rest of the week off work because I couldn't look after my baby.

4 days later I am only just beginning to feel better.

I am not an allergic person at all - my only allergy previously has been penicillin. And also, I am not the type to dwell in forums but I feel strongly that people should be made aware of the risks.

There is no information on Invisalign's website and my dentist, who has apparently treated hundreds of people with Invisalign has never encountered an allergic reaction so he actually advised me to go back to my initial trays. I am so glad I didn't.

Having read that people react to different materials, I am wondering what my options are.

Ashley wrote at 2012-12-10 22:17:57
I just started my invisalign treatment just under a week ago.  A few days after I started my first trays, coming home for lunch I noticed the right side of my jaw was sore.  While eating my lunch it was uncomfortable.  Then I looked in the mirrow - my right side of my jaw was HUGE!! I'd never experienced anything like this before.  Then for the next day and half it was very uncomfortable to eat and right side of jaw was very swollen.  Then a day and a half later, it was gone as suddenly as it arrived - but now my left side was acting up - worse.  It was painful to eat and my jaw swelled even bigger on the left side - and the swelling never really went away for 2 days.  Now, 4 days later, everything seems back to normal but I am concerned - is this an allergic reaction to invisalign?  Is this what I have to look forward to for the next year after spending my life savings to get straight teeth?!

M wrote at 2012-12-12 01:57:30
I just got my Invisalign 12 days ago. I have been sick ever since! I NEVER get sick, ever. I am one of these people who can have others coughing and hacking around me but I just don't get sick. I had my first trays put in on Nov 29th late in the day. I noticed a bitter taste immediately but didn't think too much of it. I went to bed that night and woke up at 3:00 in the morning with the worst sore throat ever. I couldn't even swallow. I want to reiterate that I had no symptoms what-so-ever, prior to putting the first trays in. Well from that point on it went from bad to worse and I have been sick now for 12 days. I've had a dry cough, horrible sinus pain, headaches, sore right jaw and a runny nose that doesn't quit and a constant dry mouth. I feel horrible and it's not going away. I told my ortho right away and of course I was told, "you're the first one to ever report any reaction". Don't you just love that?! Wow, it's funny I'm the first yet according to tons of reports and threads I've found through Google, there are tons of people out there who have had the same reaction as me and there are also people who have sued the company over this. WTF???!!! I just paid $2,800 for this, with another $3k to go? I don't think so. Their crap braces are probably made in China where EVERY thing that comes from there is toxic. But hey they can get them made for pennies. I am actually livid! Getting my teeth fixed was something I was so excited about. This is a lot of money for me and this is the result?!

Andrea wrote at 2013-01-22 19:23:44
I began Invisalign in January 2012. Within a few days of having the trays in my mouth, I developed severe dry lips, bleeding sores in the corners of my mouth and small cuts all over my tongue.  I had worn braces as a teenager and remembered sometimes getting sores on my gums whenever I got an adjustment and just figured these sores would go away once my mouth got used to the trays.

One week after starting treatment I began experiencing intense itching all over my entire body, including my scalp and even my eyes,  but no rash. I also experienced a burning sensation, similar to a sunburn, except my skin looked perfectly normal on the outside. The itching and burning were so severe that I went to the emergency room one morning in fear that I had some sort of serious illness or even worse, a skin parasite. The emergency room doctor who treated me told me I was having an allergic reaction to something.  At the time, it did not even occur to me that it could be from Invisalign.

A few days later, I woke up in the middle of the night with a numb tingling tongue and that is when I finally made the connection.

I called my orthodontist in the morning who told me that he had seen this type of reaction once before and it is from the chemical that they coat the trays with to prevent bacteria from growing on them. I stopped Invisalign immediately, however my symptoms from this adverse reaction lasted for months! They caused me so much anxiety and suffering that I feared they were permanent. FINALLY, after 8 months, the itchy skin and strange burning sensation went away.  

jd wrote at 2013-03-15 02:39:01
I just received my first invisalign trays today. I am a 40 year old female with some allergies, but nothing I know of with plastic. Within an hour of wearing my tray, my bottom lip was huge and burning with welts. Then, my hands started itching and my tongue swelled huge. I took the trays out and went back to the orthodontist. He could not tell me what the trays were made of because Invisalign doesn't disclose this information. He made every excuse in the book that it wasn't the trays. He snapped them back in and sent me on my way. Within another hour, I had both my top and bottom lip on fire and took pictures of how big they were. The inside of my mouth still feels like it is on fire about 4 hours later. Who can help find out what is in this product to cause these reactions? I know this ortho is not going to refund my $2600 due to my reaction which really sucks. Who is protecting us consumers?

Invisalign Patient Allergic wrote at 2013-03-18 15:52:26
I started the treatment about a year ago. I got the first set and an allergic reaction incluidng short of breath and itching in my neck and chest. I called the doctor and they requested a Hypoallargenic-type. I was able to use the new products for six months but after a visit, they decided to order new ones and I noticed immediately that the material was different. I had an allergic reaction again, went back to the doctor, ordered a new ones, and again the same reaction, short of breath and a terrible pain in chest and itching, really red rash all over my neck and chest. I decided to stop the treatment and asked my doctor for a refund. I have paid half of the treatment but we cannot finish it.

karen wrote at 2013-05-08 14:52:17

My mom was just diagnosed April of 2013 as being poisoned by INVISILGN braces. She had extensive blood work as well as an EMG. From Oct 2012 to March 2013 there was extensive flu symptoms, extreme muscle aches in legs and arms, inability to speak,sing and walk were the final outcome. They have been stopped abruptly for one week with extreme improvement in symptoms.

EH wrote at 2013-07-12 00:31:16
I am a patient (53 yo,female) that has been using Invisalign since Nov 2011 (currently on 3rd set of trays - 2 revisions).  In April of 2012, I began to experience symptoms of inflammation in several areas of my body.  I associated it with menopause and sought treatment for each of these symptoms.  I experienced Keratitis concurrently with what I suspected to be tennis elbow.  Antibiotics for the eye and coritcosteroid inj for the elbow.  In June of 2012, i began to experience knee pain, which ended up in injections of Hyluranic Acid for both knees.  All this time I suffered from extremely dry eyes requiring the use of lubricating ointment at night.  In Nov of 2012, I developed recurrent effusions of the right knee.  After several visits to different orthopeadics and no relief,I saught treatment with a Rheumatologist.  DIagnosis was spondyloarthitis which was not totally responsive to Celebrex.  I have since visisted a DO who is an alternative practitioner and was tested for Lyme as well as testing of allergies.  In looking for clues he did a complete medical history timeline.  He tested the invisalign retainer I was wearing at the time (electric acupuncture machine) and it turned out I was sensitive to the materials in the retainer.  To test this, I did not wear the retainer for 1 week.  I felt sooo much better with pain lessening by the day and my knee was normal.  As soon as I tried the retainer (all it took was sleeping with it and removing it at lunch time the next day) my knee is swollen and my elbow is painful to the touch again.  I will be contacting my dentist as well as trying to make contact with the rep and the company.  I will make sure they report this incident to the FDA.  If needed I will be seeking legal counsel for the $$ I have spent and the lost in time from sick days.

maesb wrote at 2013-07-12 17:52:06
I started with Invisalign in March 2013 and at first everything went well, about 2 months into using Invisalign I noticed a scratchy throat, but didn't think much about it. Then I noticed swelling under my tongue. I stopped using Invisalign and spoke with my orthodontist about my problems and we decided to switch to regular braces. Fortunately he isn't charging me any more money.  I just got my regular braces on yesterday.  I think there is something toxic in the Invisalign product or in the making of the plastic. There are too many people having problems. Also, overheard a conversation at the orthodontist office - a woman using Invisalign having jaw problems develop. There are lots of problems with Invisalign, but when money is involved...people look the other way.

Trouble wrote at 2013-11-21 22:50:19
I am so glad to have found others with this experience!  I have had Invisaligns for 7 months and, for the first 5 months, I just had dry & red lips from them drying out, so that I had to keep lip stuff on them at all time.  However about the 11th set, I began having intermittent swelling of my lips.  It was so sporadic I thought it was a food allergy, although I have never had one. I tried eliminating things from my diet which never worked.  Then 2 sets ago I began having severe swelling just out of the blue - it was usually mid afternoon to early evening.   Finally when I put this last set in 3 days ago, I have had severe swelling that has gotten progressively worse each day. I took them out and I'm not going to wear them again till I talk to my dentist.  The company must have started using another material, or I have developed a sensitivity to it. Around the time of the 10th set I did have a rash around my entire mid-section that lasted a bout 3-4 days.  No one could figure it out. I wish I had known about this earlier so I would not have suffered these last 4-5 weeks.

Breathless wrote at 2014-03-10 20:05:11
In August 2009 I tried Invisalign braces.  I also have an underlying condition of asthma.  As soon as I put them in, I have difficulty breathing.  I rinsed the braces and kept wearing them for 3 weeks. By the end of the 3 weeks I had two severe asthma attacks that put me in the hospital.  I was put on steroids and worked up to try and figure out what was wrong.  All the tests came back normal. Now it is 2014, 6 years later, I am still recovering. My symptoms were shortness of breath, felt like someone was sitting on my chest, I had something show up briefly on a chest xray but they don't know what it was.  I think I inhaled a residue or something.  My orthodontist told me he never heard of reactions before but gave me a refund thankfully.  I wish I never tried them in the first place.  I am only sharing so hopefully it can help someone else.  

Pat wrote at 2014-08-12 14:44:50
tried invisalign in germany. 2 days, first aligners and I felt horrible panic attacks, problems with digestion, heart beating, had to puke etc. the next day, my orthodontist took off the attachments and I felt better within a couple of hours. I paused 1 week and started again for 2 hours- but just the aligner- without attachments. Took them out after 2 hours and in the evening I felt again, sick and my nerves where at the breaking point. It definitely has to do with the braces. Today is my next try, for another 2 hours. But I think I will cancel the treatment. It is too risky, so much money etc. I canīt control if they will ever use the wrong material in one aligner- although maybe I get the hyper-allergic-free material. I am very sad but health goes before beauty!

Danielle5 wrote at 2014-10-15 08:56:35
My son, age 13, started Invisalign this past May 2014. It was soon after that he experienced symptoms as Pat wrote. He had nausea, felt like he was going to puke, and symptoms like a panic attack- racing heart, lightheadedness. At first we thought he had a virus but the symptoms continued throughout the summer. He lost a bottom tray at soccer camp and did not wear the upper liner at all and he had no symptoms that week. After resuming the liners, he began to have symptoms again. I have gone to the pediatrician, a cardiologist, and a gi doctor with his symptoms and the end diagnosis was that he was having "panic/anxiety attacks". The poor kid is depressed because he has not felt well in months missing some school and an entire season of soccer because he was too sick to tryout. I finally started googling Invisalign/nausea and this popped up along with several other sights. I had him take out the liners and I soaked them to see if washing them well will work but now I am not sure he should put them back in at all. He is at the end of his liners but has one area that is slightly crooked that the ortho wanted to fix but really, its more cosmetic than anything else. When I was growing up, people only got braces if they had a mouth full of super awful teeth. Today, everyone gets brace and sometimes I wonder how much is cosmetic vs necessity.

P wrote at 2015-01-31 11:11:11
I collected my first Invisalign retainers yesterday.  The first thing I noticed was a bad taste, but put it down to the aligners being new.  Then a sore throat started.  I thought I was being silly to wonder if it was the aligners.  But when I got up the next day the taste was worse, tongue and throat sore, headache and I felt very unwell. Then I found all the info about the problems with this product.  I wasn't told anything about potential allergy or how badly this company had behaved.  For the guy who thinks the aligners are made in China, mine were made in Mexico.  I expected them to be made in the US. I can't contact my dentist until after the weekend, but I reckon I've worn them long enough to confirm they're the problem so I wait to see what he has to say.  Although that might take a while as I think he's only there once a month.

LDG wrote at 2015-04-07 18:07:58
I am so glad I found this page and everything what was written about the Invisalign treatment. I am from Germany and I had my Invisalign treatment from Sept. 2011 until December 2012. Somehow with me it took some month (until February 2012) until I recognized first swellings and itchy rashes all over my body and face. Of course my first thought was the Invisalign but of course my dentist said that he never heard of any bad reactions to it and that my problems couldīt come from the aligners because they are made especially without any toxic materials....YEAH RIGHT! Since then I have severe health problems (huge swellings on my joints, eyes, lips, rashes (hives) all over my body, muscle pain, jaw and cervical spine issues, headaches, feel sick all the time (like a cold) and of course by now depressions). I have seen at least 12 different doctors over here, did tests over tests, tried a different diet because we thought I have some kind of food allergy, had to take days off from work because I was either in pain or had such bad swellings I couldn't move right (and I am a Personal Fitness great is that!). Since nobody could really help me I thought the issue must come from something else and so I finished my Invisalign treatment in January 2013. Since then I have a "normal" retainer from my dentist for the night and they put something behind my lower teeth in order to keep them from moving back. My health issues which means mainly my swellings, muscle and joint pain, and hives all over my body are still there!! They got a little better but there is not one day where I have nothing. It is so depressing and I paid so many doctors, medicine, tests etc etc besides the actual big payment for the Invisalign treatment and even after finishing it, now 2 years later I still suffer from it. Tomorrow I am going to see a special doctors who tests all kind of allergies in combination with plastic, metals etc and I have my hopes up that something will come out and that he can help me getting the toxins out of my body....maybe the Invisalign got the ball rolling and I am allergic to the plastic in the night retainer or so which keeps my health. problems "alive". I apologize for my maybe wrong English but I also wanted to explain that even on the other side the globe there are people who suffer from the Invisalign treatment...besides me I met on other person in my dentist office who had the same reactions like me. Also...I have spoken to my dentist today and he said that they company who produces Invisalign made the aligner "better" which means they started to use a different material around 1,5 years ago because they had too many complaints. Of course this info he didn't give me before...just after I asked him about it today. I really think we should all get together and get our money back from the company for the treatment that is toxic and costs us a huge amount of money (treatment, doctors, medicine, loosing work etc) to at least reimburse us on the financial side. I just wish that one day I can live a normal live again without pain, swellings and these crazy itchy hives all over my body!!

kippergirl wrote at 2015-05-21 23:11:36
I am in my 50's and started invisalign in Sept. 2013 to correct crowding teeth.  Within 24 hrs had swollen lymph nodes, a swollen face, sore joints and sore gums.  Called my ortho in distress and he we immediately ceased the invisaligns since he had heard of such allergic reactions in rare cases.  Proceeded with traditional braces for 19 mos and then followed with plastic retainer hoping that there were not be a repeat problem.  While the reaction was not immediate as it had been with invisalign, I once again developed sore tonsils, lymph nodes, nausea and horrible headaches.  Even spent a day in the ER with headaches so bad that we had to rule out meningitis and a brain hemorrhage!!!!   I do have other allergies to gluten and some antibiotics.   Would recommend high degree os caution on use of any plastic retainer for those with any predispostion to allergies.  Lucky to have an understanding orthodontist!

Shirley White wrote at 2015-11-28 01:10:45
This is my sixth week wearing Invisalign. On week five my face and lips were swollen my face itch the inside of my mouth were red and sore my throat were sore. Went to the Doctor was treated for allergies. Four days later same thing went back to the Doctor treated for allergies again. Put my sixth set in the next day had to go back to the Doctor treated for allergies again. I stopped by Walmart bought a tube of lysine for my super dry swollen lips. Went home brushed the Invisalign in Dawn dish detergent and let them soak. Drank me some warm lemon water, swished some warm salty water in my mouth several times and put some ice on my lips. It has been two days now I have no symptoms. I believe the Invisalign are made out of bad material and hold bacteria. Could have avoided all the time I spent at the Doctor and the pharmacy if I had read this site first

Angela Kilmartin wrote at 2016-03-07 14:46:12
I have been using invisalign retainers top and bottom for 15 months now. The firts boxed set didn't seem to cause any difficulties but last december the tracking stopped fitting so a new set of impressions were made and after a six week gap new reatsiners arrived fitting more closely. Since then I have had 'hives' all over my face. I look dreadful with red blotches and the sides of my mouth are swollen, full of matter, red and sore. Inside my mouth is alright. I do have dry throats but wan't waorried. My ortho people in Chelmsford Essex have taken photos of the reddened mouth and I will obviously show them the increasing facial responses. I do need this treatment, its medical not beauty. I came on site tto see if there was any info and am astounded by the numbers of people having reactions. It has to be the plastic. I have now had to start using make up on a previously flawless skin to hide its current state. Steroid and antibiotic creams have stopped working now, only a good nights sleep makes it all a little better in the morning but this doesn't last. Oh dear!

Angela Kilmartin UK

Tia wrote at 2016-05-24 17:09:25
I also had a bad reaction to invisalign. I wore them for about 2 1/2 weeks and periodically had times of shaking and shivering and an allergic feeling on the inside. At one point my eyes both swelled up and I had a rash on one eye. I had a bad taste in my mouth that I could not get out and I felt like I couldn't breathe at times. ON top of this I went from working out 5 days a week to barely having the energy to go for a walk. I was too naive to put any of my symptoms together. I am LIVID because invisalign would only let me get a refund  if I tried another set of aligners. UM NO. I am not putting my body through that again. I was so close to going to the ER so many times. Invisalign should be ashamed of themselves!!!!  

DB wrote at 2016-06-10 04:32:03
I have been using Invisalign for about a month now and I noticed the sides of my mouth were cracking.. Now I have a huge rash on my mouth and my lips are red and swollen.  

clara wrote at 2016-06-20 15:04:04
I'm a portuguese who started using Invisalign in july 2015. Falled immediatly into bed for 45 days with sever abdominal inflammation without discovering the causes.Spent an horrible year with chronic fatigue till  have to stop working on account of severe headaches, dizzyness, nausea, pain in the bones and veins, fatigue, cough, loss of hair and skin rashes. Thanks for all your answers, because of them I made the connetion between my condition and Invisalign.

Amelia wrote at 2017-03-04 00:36:37
I am using an Invisalign retainer as a night guard.  Within a few minutes my tongue feels numb and tastes bad.  It lasts all the next day.  Also, by morning my throat is scratchy and lasts all the next day.  I was wondering what was going on.  The retainer feels toxic.  


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