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Dentistry/broken/chipped upper incisor tooth -child-8 1/2 yrs.old


Dhiraj Patra wrote at 2014-10-06 06:16:51
Yes, same thing happen with my 7+ years old son when he fell down from his speedy cycle. He broke his front right side incisor teeth about 40%. Same way very tiny white pink color seen in middle of the the teeth. But he has no pain. Done xray etc all. Doctor telling better to go for root canal or filling. But after study several journal and forum. I have found that it is not advisable to do any such thing below 18-21 yrs of age. And even if I go for filling then need to make surface uneven and then it can touch the pulp/nerve. So I would like to keep as it is. Only we will take precaution for him not to bike hard things. And later the pulp would shrink and teeth would move/bigger I think. So eventually hopefully no problem for him. If he want or feel any pain later then we can take such action later. Thanks and regards to all.  


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