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Dentistry/Jaw bone infection after wisdom teeth extraction


Apollonia Michelle wrote at 2009-11-30 19:43:29
Hi hopefully this will help. I had my wisdom teeth removed last January. Since that initial surgery I have had five surgeries and three teeth removed because my lower wisdom tooth got infected  and it was not addressed properly. The infection unfortunately spread to my jaw bone. I was placed on a picc line and given antibiotics for a couple of months. I was in the hospital twice. It is important to make sure that your son has the infected area removed in his mouth so that his jaw can heal and it does not develop into osteomyleticis. It is important for the infection to be removed so that the antibiotics are able to do their job. After six months from all that happened to me I am once again healthy and pain free. It is vital to address the infection because the abysess in the mouth can go into the brain or heart resulting in a stroke or an infection in a heart valve. I would talk to your infectious disease doctor about all of this, mine was extremely helpful. If you are not comfortable with yours, the infectious disease doctors are exceptional at Children's Hospital.  

Nicole wrote at 2013-10-30 19:14:59
Hi, I had all four wisdom teeth taken out (when I was 17) and I became very sick. Doctors were baffled at my condition. I had chronic pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and I gained numerous food allergies.

 It all began after my wisdom teeth extractions...It wasn't until around 2 yrs. later that I found answers...

I found out that I have cavitation of the jaws (infections of the jaws). My jawbones are "spongy" but are getting stronger through ozone and UBI treatment. My allergies and other symptoms are fading away from the ozone/UBI treatment!

I hope that you find healing for your son. It is definitely not fun being sick...

 Here is some info about cavitation of the jaw:


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