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CrownDesperate wrote at 2012-06-08 09:01:21
I had the same situation when i had a metal crown placed on my last molar. Prior to this my molar filling came off and along with it a small  part if my tooth . the crwn fitted well, and it really looked ok  . Now heres the thing . I noticed a foul smell coming from undereath that area  when i rubbed my finger on the gum .very embarrasing because it leads to bad breath . Went to my dentist who sad she cant see anything wrong or any gas . The thing is i have read comments regarding this before so i knew exactly what she will say. Trust me she couldnt care less its not her mouth .

Ok, i insisted that it must be coming from that area. No amount of talk will convince my dentist. I had  prescribed an antibiotic, yes, i inssted . Then she prescbed a mouth wash caleed Peridex. It ddnt work. Went to local pharmacy and bought crest teeth whitening toothpaste . I concentrated it on the area under the crown as i was brushing . This crest is almost like acid so be careful not to overuse it and rinse well after. Verdict on this: it worked a bit, gum smelled normal. I was still finishing the antibiotic and still oral washing. Were all curious right and we tend to touch the gum once in a while. The smee returned. So frustrated!

Now, so desperate, i returned today to my dentist. I told er befire ill come and have the tooth extracted if medicine ad mouthwash doesnt work. We discussed options while i was on the dental chair. Im having no more of this i said.. I ased her to remove the crown with the instruction that should a badly damaged molar remain, just give me the needle and pull it out. It took 1 hour, without e deadening needle, to cut and grind the crown out. I almost Passed out due to the pain. The final extraction of the molarwas thru the dental plier and that felt like my tooth was being pulled out, to soe extent but i was trying to endure it. The crown was tough to remove.

Finally, it was removed. She did all the cleaning and grinding of maybe leftover cement or who knows what. Maybe t was decay she was grinding i have no way of knowing. Long stry short, she was abe to recreate the tooth with the fillings. I wa shown the cut crown thatcwas removed ad brought it home. I selled it on y way hoe but no sell was noticed. Remember the dental instruments were watering the area as the crown was being removed. Maye thats why it didnt smell. R aybe the bad idor was from the tooth leftover that she was grinding f debris whatwver it was i didnt care.

Ok, heres the result aprximately 10 hours after. NO SMELL  WHEN I RUB MY FINGER ON MY GUM. I'm gad i finally got rid of the crwn. Trust me, nothing will fix the smell. I didnt go to any ther dentist as my wn dentst was so stubbrn to admit that a tiny gap was allowing food partices to push its was up insde the crown. Thats my verdict on this . It was a good decision on my art to speak y mind to my dentst on what i think was causing it. Im happy now i hope you guys wth the same problem weigh your options frst befre you follw wat i did here. This was done today at 4 pm. If after a month of trying you still ave a bad smell on the gum, pull the crwn out and be prepared to go all the way to tooth extraction, jst in case. I hooe you solve you sove your problem too.

By theway, on the interim, the Crest teeth whitening and Peridex would work for 2 hours. Just keep brhing wth regular toothpaste after eating. Theres nothing you can do but just to not aggrevate the stuation.  

atyourmercy wrote at 2014-06-16 02:59:59
I have had the same problem with three of the crowns that I have.  I had a problem with that awful smell and went to another dentist.  I told her exactly where the smell was coming from and we decided that they needed replacing.  She replaced three of them and it was okay for a couple of months.  Now the smell is back on two of them.  I brush my teeth at least 5 times a day and floss twice a day to try to help but it doesn't clear the problem.  I think that brushing and using the Listerine so much is even making my mouth dry and keeps the natural saliva from coming.  It is really bothering me and I would like some kind of reassurance that there is something besides pulling the teeth.  My other two crowns do not have the same problem so I know that it's possible to have crowns that don't cause this.  I don't know if I want to personally pay to have these two done again because there is not a guarantee that it will happen again.  I know the insurance will not pay since they were just done. HELP!!!


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