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mrssky wrote at 2012-12-03 23:05:19
i have the same problem i complained about 1 same muller and he said tight, tight is good its fine. Then did another and my life changed. All my teeth on upper right was hurting, teeth are moving have all symptoms of severe TMJ within 2 wks of crown being put on kept calling the dentist office and wouldnt give me an appointment was told no cancelations keep calling to come in. Finally after 3 months I yelled at the girl who answered the phone and set appointments you had better have the Dr call me my teeth are crooked and top teeth/jaw is going to the left bottom jaw to the right.He finally tells her to give me an appt. and with out my chart or looking he drilled a tooth next to the crown and my teeth moved all at once in front of his eyes now he wants me to c an orthodontist. Well i did even got a second opinion he denied any wrong doing. The big thing is i had very good dental hygiene had perfectly straight teeth(HAD BRACES AT 19 GOT EM OFF AT 22)NOW AT 54YRS OLD GOT TO GET EM AGAIN. I had to get bite adjustment and new dentist scratch his head an can't figure out why I even had root canals and crowns to begin with. I only new of 3 root canals cause I started questioning him why am I getting these root canals and crowns He answered me dont u trust me. I said Trust is not the issue ,he told me i only had a lil cavity next thing I know he did a root canal then the crown. well he was a monster I found out i had 5 root canals and crowns done by that monster and when I left that last time i saw him he pointed out 2 more cavities he needed to fix. Now I'm at the new Dentists office getting a complete oral evaluation and I had NO CAVITIES AT ALL, perfect visit. so my advice to dental patients if u have beautiful staight teeth and good dental hygiene dont trust any dentist when they got a drill in hand and say TRUST ME and doesn't explain WHY . i saw that monster for 10 yrs and seen an associate, out of the blue he started treating me and the outcome is so devastating . I paid over 6000.00 the first time for braces no they are over 7800.00. When I told that monster about the orthadontist findings, he  threatened to throw me out of his office and said it wasn't his problem, or responsibility. All the pain of severe TMJ and buck teeth boldging teeth bite adjustments, braces, and possible crown replacement and the list seems like never ending.  


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