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Dentistry/root canal or pull?


I had pain in my tooth about 3 months ago. I went to my dentist. He said I needed a root canal on molar #18. (he is a general dentist and does root canals also). I put that off for a while. I saw another dentist.
He said I needed a root canal also. He referred  me to a (root canal specialist (endodontist). I made an appointment, but in the meantime, I got referred to another endodontist  by a friend of a friend (this endodontist did not charge me for the visit). He said I have to have the tooth pulled. The tooth is broken pretty much by the gum line, and it can't be "built up", and a root canal done with a crown. I would have to have somekind of treatment to open up the space between the gums and the tooth so the crown will fit he said something like that). He said it is not cost effective. He said I should have the tooth pulled.
The questions I have are:do you think I should spend my time and money to see the other endodontist and get his opinion? ? Will he probably tell me the same thing? Or can he have a different opinion?
Do you think I should see my original dentist who said he could do a root canal on my tooth and see if he could save it? I would prefer not to have it pulled.
The #18 molar is the last one I have on my left bottom side. I do not have any more teeth behind it. If I get it pulled? will that put too much "working pressure" on my right side?
Thanks for your time ....  Bob

Hi Bob,
I would see another endodontist to get his/her opinion.  Express to the endodontist that you would like to attempt to save/keep the tooth as long as possible.

I do NOT suggest you return to the original dentist even if he says he does root canals.  You want something that is going to last and with root canal treatment being a complex procedure.  You're in better hands with a specialist.

Hope this helps,
Ketan Amin, DMD
Austin Center for Endodontics (Root Canal Specialists)
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