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Dentistry/tooth damage during cleaning


julie ann wrote at 2011-10-15 15:03:01
I have had several times hygenist that damaged my teeth.  Once when I was 17 and years later several other ones did the same thing.  3 of my 4 children have perfect teeth, I warned them against over zealous people cleaning their teeth, they only go for the rotary thing and some build up  of plaque on lower front teeth.  Two of my friends after getting some deep root cleaning actually got infection and lost all their teeth.

Those white cleaning agents actually damage the enamal on teeth.

niki wrote at 2012-04-17 01:23:28
I think the high frequency of sonicare toothbrushes can weaken your teeth.   It happened to mine and I have Never had problems prior to using it....

Randie wrote at 2014-08-20 23:31:04
I had the exact same thing happen at a cleaning this morning and the hygienist sort of dismissed it,  first saying it must have been a filling but then checked, and it wasn't.   She also just let me leave without seeing the dentist.   I went back and asked to see the dentist.   I am going to have to pay to have a filling.

My first thought was they should do it free.  I don't have insurance.  But after reading this,  looks like it wasn't their fault.  


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