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Dentistry/Sudden Cavity?


drm wrote at 2011-11-28 19:31:13
I wanted to add that I had a similar experience.  I was 46, had never had cavities, and nobody in my family has had issues with cavities but becuase I am prone to tarter build-up I was going in for cleanings every 3 months.  I floss, brush my teeth several times a day.  Then 7 years ago my dentist discovered a cavity (never showed up on x-ray) that he claimed had to be filled immediately.  I decided to wait until the next exam 3 months later to see if it was in fact a cavity.  3 months later there was no evidence of a cavity.  I felt that if it were a cavity, then it should show up in an xray scheduled later that year (it didnt).  3 years passed with the "cavity" doing nothing.  The dentist then located a new cavity in a different tooth which I again ignored as the original cavity was taking its time to manifest into a real cavity.  Neither cavity was found again on routine checks but a 18 months ago a third new cavity arose.  The first one (now 7 years old) and the second one (now 3 years old) still havent become frank cavities, my xrays are clear and I still havent bothered to get any of these "cavities" filled.  I wonder if incomplete cleaning may make some patients more likely to have "false cavities" found.  

drilled for greed wrote at 2013-01-29 03:24:02
I did not have any cavities until I was 12 years old. Then a dentist did the "sticking explorer" trick on one of my teeth to 'prove'that I had 'rampant caries'. He drilled all 12 molars almost right in half, started at the back one and just pulled that drill through from one tooth to the next. 12 beautiful, spotless white teeth turned into ugly messes of amalgam - not due to cavities but due to one man's willingness to torture a twelve year old to make easy money. And it was torture because he did not even wait for the novocaine to take effect - and he did all twelve teeth in one hour,immediately after the checkup so that nobody could intervene. I did not get any additional cavities during the following 33 years! Three of those teeth have since broken, since the amalgam went right down to the gum line and only two thin sides of enamel were left. If a dentist tells you that you suddenly have cavities and there is nothing visible to the eye or by X-Ray, take note of which teeth have those purported 'cavities'. Get a second check up, in about months time, with a different dentist. DO NOT tell the second dentist you just had a checkup. Compare the results. You just might be shocked. Either the new dentist will tell you you have no cavities, or he might even say you have cavities but choose different teeth. This is also vitally important for children under the age of 14, who are the preferred victims of greedy dentists because they do not have the right to refuse treatment. Never consent to have a child's unblemished and symptomless teeth drilled without a second or preferably third opinion. Failure to heed this warning can condemn a child to a lifetime of fragile teeth, and the need for crowns about 20-30 years later at great expense.


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