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Dentistry/Resin on a bad filling?


I am a 48 year old female with diabetes.  Yesterday I had a dental exam and the dentist's sharp tool got stuck in the top of the rear molar, on the edge of a 40 yr old filling.  The dentist put some resin on the molar.  I am concerned about this because I think that bacteria under that filling will grow.  Is resin a good way to fix that filling or should I go find another dentist soon?  Thank you for your answer.

Modern dentistry has found that patching an old filling is preferable to replacing the entire filling whenever possible.  This conserve more real tooth and helps the patient slow down the long term breakdown and repair cycle.  I don't know your dentist but my first impression is favorable because he did not rush you into a thousand dollar crown.

Whenever possible I prefer using a glass misnomer restoration material for patchwork like this.  It constantly rekeases fluoride to retard the beginning of more decay.  The dentist must make the choice of materials based on the individual case.  But it couldn't hurt to show him this note.  Not everyone is aware of this and he might appreciate the information.  In short, I see no reason thus far to change dentists.

I would like to know how he responded if you share this with him.

Larry Burnett DDS


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