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Okay, I am not asking about treatment or anything, but this does pertain to me. My dentist said I had an abscess starting in my tooth and put me on Amoxicillin. The pain went away, but I noticed that the abscess had gotten bigger (still not painful). I have been on the Amoxicillin for about 5 days or so. Is the abscess getting bigger even when on antibiotics a bad sign? I was wondering. I am not asking for a personal diagnosis, just an in general if this is a bad sign or not in usual cases.

The abscess is in your bone. You are only seeing where the pus from it is draining from your gum. You cannot tell anything about the size of thee abscess by what you are seeing, and the size, per se, wouldn't make any difference anyway. Antibiotics are not useful to "cure" dental abscesses either; they can only help temporarily with some of the systemmic signs and symptoms. Bottom line is that you can't tell anything from what you see other than that you have a toooth with a dead pulp. It is not going to get significantly worse or better in the short run, regardless of what you do, and you should not get acute symptoms since it is draining, so just get an appointment with your endodontist to have it treated, or have it extracted.


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