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Dentistry/Bite very off after filling adjustment?


QUESTION: About a month ago, I had three fillings, two on the top left, one on the top right. After they were done, I noticed that one of the left top fillings, more than the others, felt like a "pop-corn kernel" - it felt like too much material was in there. The others bothered me just a bit too but not as bad. I get a little freaked out by these things, and I had a few weird shooting pain sensations in my neck, so I requested an appointment pretty soon - I think it was a few days later.

In this adjustment, to my shock, the dentist spent quite a while filing down. When they did the tooth papers checking for rubbing, I bit down as well as moving my teeth side-to-side (which is what they said to do), and I felt like this may cause too much blue to appear on my tooth (causing too much to look like it needed filing down) but I trusted their judgement. They spent about 10+ minutes filing, and at one point, I even felt a very strong sensation at the exact moment that a big white puff of dust flew out of my mouth (I'm guessing this was part of my real teeth!)

Sadly to say, right after the adjustment, I knew right away that my left side had been filed down way too much - right away, it felt like I was biting onto air! My teeth didn't connect! I also felt like my very back tooth was taking all the pressure and was the only tooth connecting! It felt like this for days, and though my bite has "gotten used to it" concerning the "feeling", the problem now is that my front teeth are hitting majorly, when I've never had any bite problems in my life! (The dentist even said pre-fillings that I had such a perfect bite!)

Basically, these front teeth hit the most when my jaw is relaxed and shut, or when I eat and talk (and when I eat and talk, they even hit together directly on bottom and top of the tooth - it's like I can't even use them properly!) but when I concentrate on it, I can make my jaw go backward by a centimeter or so, with the front teeth no longer hitting, but the feeling with this is that those left top teeth don't connect and all the pressure seems to be hitting my back left tooth! I don't know what to do, and second opinions now say I may need braces or jaw surgery, which is absolutly impossible for my age or budget! This can't happen to me over a $400 filling job!!! What's going on and how can this be fixed!?!?!

ANSWER: it sounds like you need some more bite adjustment...but this has to be done very conservatively and accurately. you cannot put back what was adjusted. you have to start here and get it perfectly balanced. now it is your decision as far as who is to do this. you can talk to your dentist and let him/her know about the situation. you will then be able to decide if you want him/her to continue on evening things out or find a different dentist to take care of this. good luck

jeff dalin, dds

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the input! What scares me is how material cannot be added back. Adjusting seems to be such a delicate process and the reality is that with my funds and age, it is extremely hard for me to find a dentist in my area that seems to specialize in this problem - I've already had a second opinion; I also had the white filler material and this surprisingly seemed to throw off a dentist a recently saw, who did not recognize where I had received the fillings other than much older silver fillings.

Beyond adjusting, are there any other alternatives? Braces or jaw surgery (both which the second dentist said were solutions) would be absolutely not a possibility for me because of my funds. Is it possible to replace the fillings or anything at all?

when i said it cannot be put back, i meant tooth structure. i thought your teeth were adjusted with the bite adjustment. if the filling was ground down, it can very easily be added to. plastic sticks to plastic, no problem. so you can ask that more filling material be placed back on and adjusted to the perfect location. i would ask about replacing fillings and making the new fillings fit your bite better. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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