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Dentistry/Bone graph infection leading to bizarre symptoms?


I'm a 50 yr old female. 1.5 years ago, I had a bone graph for an implant. (harvested from my jaw) in my lower right side. Since, the site has always been a bit tender. I could not afford to follow up with the implant.

1 week ago, I had an obvious abcess in the bone graph site. I had on hand a full bottle of  500 mg amoxicillin and took it 3 x daily. The swelling went down and the pain lessened. My jaw is still tender and there is still a small bubble in the graph site. I don't believe it drained or popped.

My question; if I had a slight long running infection in my jaw, could it cause fibromyalgia like symptoms on that side of my body?

Three months ago, I started with random large joint pain (always together- right hip, left hip) and after a few days it moved exclusively to my right side. Random, (what seamed like) joint pain. My shoulder, inside of my elbow, back of my knee, pinkey - ring finger and meaty part of my palm.

I had routine blood work and was tested for Lyme, lupus, rumathoid arthritis and thyroid. All fine.

A week later, I got extreme fatiage, weakness, chest pain, angina and headaches only on my right side.  I went to the ER and was admitted because of the chest pain (my father passed young from a heart attack). Everything tested fine but the simplest things caused extreme pain. I felt like my arm was going to pop when I had my blood pressure taken. I typically have a high tolerance for pain. (I survived having 4 kids and a bad gallbladder attack) it took morphine, something much stronger and ice packs to calm the pain in my arm.
All tests were fine. The doctor suggested fibromyalgia.

The extreme pain subsided and randomly get bothersome  pain in my right side. My shoulder bothers my the most, it aches when I'm in bed. It sounds strange saying this; pimples next to my right eyebrow. (I don't get pimples).

Although, I medical insurance, I don't have dental insurance and can not afford the office visit.

I'm sitting here sweating (i never used to sweat) with a right headache, a right sore throat, with pain in my right shoulder, right knee and  right chest and wondering if it might have anything to do with the infection in the right side of my mouth.

You don't call me a crack pot, I feel like one when I try to explain what I'm feeling.

Many thanks!

Joyce - Some of the symptoms could be from an infection at the graft harvesting site. but not all.  Right headach, right sore throat and right shoulder pain could be secondary to the infection producing inflammation of the jaw muscles.  Those muscles are attached in the temple region, a common site of headaches.  The muscles can produce soreness of the throat and shoulder pain by the old standard saying, "the hip bone is attaches to the shin bone, the shin bone is attached" etc.  So where a muscle attaches, other muscles in that region can also become in spasm and produce symptoms.  Let me give you one simple approach to reducing any residual inflammation or infection in the jaw.  Begin warm salt water rinses for about 3-5 minutes, 4-5 times a day.  Try this and see if your symptoms do begin to get better.  I wish you well and hope you feel better soon.  Let me know if anything gets better.  It will take 10-14 days for any noticeable changes.


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