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I have been battling bulimia for the past 5 years. Only last night did I realize just how bad my teeth are. Nearly all of them have deep craters! And they are so brittle that I can use just my fingernail to even out the rough edges on the front teeth. Can you reccommend anything to further prevent my teeth from getting worse? (Besides seeing a therapist) My lower teeth are also starting to look very long. I am I past the point of affordable repair?

Hi Chelsy,

This is a very good question!
Obviously, you first want to get the Bulimia under control, as this is a very serious disorder.

In regards to your teeth, the constant acidity from the bulimia causes erosion of the teeth. Often the enamel becomes paper thin and easily chips off. This leaves the teeth very sensitive, prone to fracturing, and yellowish in appearance as the dentin shows through.

There are a few things your dentist can do to help stop the progression.
- You should get a checkup/cleaning at least every 4 months to make sure there are no changes in your dentition.
- Your dentist can prescribe a high fluoride toothpaste to help re-mineralize the teeth.
- Your dentist can make trays that you place fluoride into and wear for a period of time.
- Some small lesions can be reversed with something called MI Paste and DMG Icon.

Based on your xray you look young and hopefully the damage is minimal. However, if the teeth are too broken down, then they may require full coverage, such as a dental crown.

I wish you lots of luck in your journey! I am sure it's not easy and congratulate you for taking the steps to rectify this issue!

Let me know if you need anything else.


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