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I just wanted to know if in your opinion crest whitestrips are safe? I heard that the peroxide content can damage tooth enamel. I'm English but used to live in the US for a while, have used them before and know that they work. I'm planning on having some shipped over from the US but before I buy them I'm trying to research if they are safe to use or not. I'd be very grateful for your professional opinion. Thank you for reading

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they are safe if used as directed. the carbamide peroxide that is used in bleaching materials does not hurt anything unless it is abused. by abused i mean used every day for 3 months straight. bleaching should be done for 2 weeks only. the research has backed this up. i have been doing bleaching for 15-20 years now in my office and have not found any issues. some people are sensitive during the process but the sensitivity stops when the bleaching stops. my only comment here is this: white strips does not always give you enough lightening...sometimes it does but in adults, sometimes it only works a small amount. i am a bigger fan of mouthguard bleaching (dentist makes a tray and you use something like night white or opalescence). i tell my patients to try the strips first. if you want more whitening, you can then try the trays. strips cost far less. good luck

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