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Is this a good deal or am I being ripped off? So apparently my usual dentist "missed" tons of things as when I switched to a new fancy dental office with an amazing in house discount plan they found so many issues. I don't deny the issues exist, they did do tons of xrays and panoramic as well showing them. I just find it odd other dentist said all was fine besides the bad premolars and this super high tech office finds these. Just curious if this is a good deal or am I being ripped off. This is a great deal of money.

So 2 premolars need to be out, Im absolutely positive as they are decayed pretty bad  and painful and they refuse to do it anyway other than oral surgery. Anyways prices for all my work needed is as follows:

#4 ext $180
#13 ext $180
$350 for IV sedation for above...

#6/ML $80
#7 MLD $120
#8 ML $80
#9 DL $80
#10 MLD $120
#11 ML $80
#12 DO $80
#20 DO $80
#31 DOB $120
#2 O $80

On top of that these are the discounted rates on a 600 dollar a year in house dental discount plan.

So question is, should I get a second opinion or is this a fine deal? Also and most importantly, if i brush/floss/get checkups and all that like I'm supposed to after this work will my teeth be fine?

Dear Courtney,

You have no real way of determining which dentist was correct, other than seeking a third opinion. Discount dentistry is only a bargain if it is needed and done well. Also the $600 per year fee seems high. No matter what brushing properly, flossing regularly and getting frequent cleanings will help.


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