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my name is Jade and I'm a dental student in the UK. I am just beginning to learn restorative dentistry and how to cut and fill teeth. However, my tutors all have been very vague, they never do demonstrations and wont even tell us how to assess whether our cavities have been cut well e.g. concerning approximal cavities, using the tip of the probe from buccal and lingual to see if just the tip enters the cavity. I'm finding this very frustrating because I am assessed each week the same day that I am ever introduced to that type of restoration. I don't know how to get better when our tutors are so wishy washy about what the assessment criteria is. I was hoping you could help me by outlining some criteria i could keep in mind when cutting and filling my cavities.

Thank you so much!!


Hi Jade,

Stay positive and keep working hard.  I found in dental school (and life) you have to pro-active about it.  Keep asking your tutors for help, even if you feel it's falling on deaf ears.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil!  

Also, practice, practice, practice.  I think I ate with chopsticks for a week when I first started clinicals to help improve my hand skills.  We had plastic mannequin teeth, so I would spend hours in the lab.  If that's not an option, go to the oral surgery clinic and leave a jar (with sodium hypochlorite) and ask for extracted teeth.  Sterilize them and then practice on the extracted teeth.  Take the practice preps to your tutors to get their advice.

Hope this helps,
KG Amin, DMD

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