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Dentistry/Never ending fix for a high bite after fillings


I had some 30+ year old amalgam fillings replaced with composites due to them having rough edges on them and signs of decay forming around them.

It was 4 on top, 2 on each side and 2 on the bottom, 1 on each side.

My bite was high, so I came back for an adjustment.  It felt somewhat ok, but a few days later pain and I noticed it was high still in a couple places.  

I came back in for another adjustment.  Again, a few days later I noticed pain in other places where teeth are making contact in a high fashion, so I came back in for another adjustment.

This time the back teeth where fine, but now the front teeth, specifically cuspid top and bottom teeth hit where no work was done and the bottom teeth feel like they are pushing the top teeth forward.  

I went in again and those were polished a bit, after a few days my bite feels very off and still feels high in certain areas in the front on a couple of the bottom bicuspids on one side.

I'm just sort of disheartened about going back again to get it looked at yet again.  Does it usually take this long to get this to a point where things will be normal or is it something that I just need to give time to and my mouth will over time just get used to it?


it is a lot easier to replace a quadrant at a time and make sure everything is perfect before proceeding to the next quadrant. it is too late to dial back time so now you have to make things perfect at this point. some times it takes time to settle in at the new bite. i usually try to do the adjustment and then wait a week or so for things to settle in. i will not do adjustments day after day because it is too hard to figure things out that quickly. you need to sit down and talk with your dentist and explain your frustration. do not worry...i can promise you that he/she is equally as frustrated. plan things out so you can do this slowly and systematically. ask about the waiting period and see if that can be worked into all of this. and last case scenario...get a second opinion from a different dentist.
good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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