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Hey there,

A few nights ago my friend accidentally pushed me into the wall and I knocked my head off of it pretty hard. The next morni I woke up and my upper front teeth were kind of wiggly. Today they are still a little mobile but not that much. Is this normal? I'm not going to go to the hospital because it'll take forever to get in and it doesn't seem necessary, does it?

Thank you!

Hi Bella,

I'm sorry to hear you had that accident. After trauma like this, there are a couple of things to be concerned about, neither really require a hospital visit, but you would be wise to get an examination from an endodontist...let me explain.

When teeth are hit, some looseness is to be expected. As long as they return to their normal position and tighten up, this looseness shouldn't be an issue. However, if they are out of alignment, then that could cause problems long term.

In addition, and something that is even more of a concern, is that trauma can start a process called resorption which will literally eat away the root of the tooth and cause it to be lost. Should this process start, and it occurs in about 30% of traumatized teeth, if it is not found early, the teeth can be lost. I would refer you to our national web site for more info & pictures describing this. It is best to see a dentist for a check and then periodic follow ups for as long as 6 months since resorption can get started long after the trauma happens.

I don't mean to scare you, but this can be quite serious if not diagnosed and handled properly.

Hope this helps...and doesn't scare you too much....

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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