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Dentistry/Mucocele and fast tooth decay any connection???


I notice year  ago few small pea size lump on the insed of my lower lip after i had canker sore, I believe it was after i got sick or during the time i was sick with a cold.... So i ask my nurse practitioner what it may be she said it was Mucocele which was normal and they go away on their own. around the same time my teeth started to decay real fast mollers are cheeping off.. And recently got seven of them filled that was two months ago now and ive notice now i have a black spot on top of that exact same moler and the last too teeth are rough since ive gotten them filled.
what can i do? and yes i brush my teeth and no i don't eat to many sweets...

just to give you a bit more history i stop the depo provera shot 6 months before the Mucocele appear was on it for 9 month until i took a weird side of effect gain 35 pound in less than 3 week and hardly eating i felt sick ill ect... And had my daughter 3 yrs ago
Any connection or any underlying condition i should be worried about????

I have just looked over your question, and wanted to explain a few things to you. First, a mucocoele is simply an area of traumatized tissue, where the tiny saliva gland has been damaged and the fluid is being trapped under the surface causing a bump. In general, the problem heals on its own, although most tend to accidently bite into them prolonging healing time.

If your teeth are suddenly starting to decay, generally something has changed in your normal oral balance. The top reasons are...1-dry mouth, 2-high acid, 3-high sugar. Dry mouth can occur from environment, medications and diet, low saliva leads to an acid environment, and little clearance of cavity bacteria. High acid will cause enamel to breakdown, and allow teeth to chip and cavities to develop faster. High sugar comes not just from sweets, but from any carbohydrate, especially sticky white rice.

If your fillings don't seem right, you need to go back to the dentist who filled them to evaluate the black spot, and to smooth and polish the rough filling,

I hope that I answered your questions!


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