Hi. Several months ago I was eating something and suddenly bit into something very painfully hard. I spit it out and it was a small peice of yellowish colored something. I was not sure if it was a rock, filling, or tooth. I was not in pain until the next time I ate something hot. I went to the dentist, and he said nothing is wrong, everything looks fine. I have had sporadic episodes of sharp pain when drinking a hot drink, but its only once every few weeks or once a month. Recently however, I was not eating anything when I suddenly had this intense electric shock like pain that lasted about 1-2 seconds near my eye tooth.  can not be sure which tooth it is as it feels like electricity shooting out. It takes your breath away as it is like electricity. It happened twice, but months apart. All this is on the same side. I have tried to feel for anything odd, like pain from touching my gums near my teeth etc.., and there is only one place that is near the back, on the inisde of my teeth, on my gum above a tooth. that is sore if I press on it with my tongue, but its not near the eye tooth area where I felt the shock like electricity. In fact, other than being tender to press on, nothing happens. SO maybe its not related. I dont know what to do really. Would an exray show what is going on? The tender area is inside near the back, the electrical pain is on the outide near the front (eye tooth) what type of exray if any, what is this etc? Could the dentist even tell just by looking at my tooth? He is a very good dentist, so I am not sure what to think.

let your dentist take a look at things. he/she will take an xray to check out the nerve health of the tooth. he/she will also get a thorough history of the is it with hot, cold, there spontaneous pain...does pain linger...etc. he/she may run some tests i.e. tapping on tooth, putting hot and cold on it, etc...see how the tooth reacts.  by putting all of this together, hopefully he/she will come to a conclusion. it might not be anything at this point. from what you are describing, nothing is sticking out idea-wise. sometimes it takes time for things to finalize localize. make the appointment and get seen in person. good luck

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