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Dr. I just got a new metal partial and there is a clasp with a ball, or rest on top of the molar. I cannot chew food because of this and it feels like I am chewing rocks. The dentist said he cannot make any changes to it. He has taken off some of my upper denture and this did not help Also, it feels like I have no bite on the right side because of this clasp. There is a slight space between the teeth on the left side. What can be done? why can't he flatten or take the part that sticks up off? THanks

it might not just be the clasp that is hitting too sounds like you need a thorough evaluation and adjustment of the occlusion or bite. you should be hitting evenly on both sides. i would think it could be adjusted. discuss this again with your dentist. if he/she is not getting it done, you always can go get a second opinion from a different dentist. good luck

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