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Dr. I just gota new cst metal partial with a restwith the small bump type on top of my right molar. MY bite is now too high and the dentist said he cannot do anything with the rest. He has tried to take some off from my upper denture, but I still feel like I am chewing on rocks. The left side of my teeth dont completely come toghether either. Wha tcan be done? Can he flatten the rest that sticks up, or clip off the ball part of it? Thanks

Dear Mindy,

It is not a good idea to wear a partial that has a rest in hyper occlusion. If the rest is "high" when you bite it can  cause a problem for the opposing tooth. Although I can't examine you via the internet it sounds like the rest should either be ground further even if it means partially removing it. Another option is for your dentist to make a new framework for the partial that is made so you are able to bite down. Not all frameworks  fit ideally and sometimes they are designed improperly.

I think you should ask your dentist again what can be done. If he doesn't have an answer that makes sense to you, seeking a second opinion is a good idea.


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