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Dentistry/root canal on a 12 yr old


I brought my son who is 12 to the dentist..he was complying of pain in his tooth (a molar)..The dentist checked him out and called me into the exam room with the endodontist...I was told he needed a root canal..I have had them and I had never paid because we always had insurance (we have it now also)..After they started the procedure the receptionist calls me up to the desk and says that I have to pay a co-pay..I am thinking ok it's probably $50..well she says no it's $300!!..I paid $50 that visit..the next visit I paid another $25 (that's all I had on me)..the endodontist says something to the receptionist..I cannot hear well and asked him to repeat..He was annoyed and muttered something..I knew that my son still needed a post and crown..that's when the receptionist said the Dr. said he cannot have the post until the $300 is paid first..Then the receptionist informed me that it would be  another $85 for the post and another $300 for the crown!!..That would mean the entire process is $685!!..I would have had his tooth pulled if I had known that..I cannot afford that kind of money..what should I do?? I had called Aetna and they said yes a molar was $303 but not one person told me it was actually $385 more for the my son has a temp filling and I am afraid the tooth will either rot or fall out..What am I going to do??

it is tough for me to give you an answer here...not sure what you can do after the fact. should they have told you all costs up front...yes. but it is not any sort of rule to do is just something you should do. you can ask the insurance company if they have anything they can do to help out here. otherwise sit down and calmly talk with the dentist about all of this. see what he/she has to say here. i wish i could help more here but this is something that has to be worked out between you and the dental office. good luck

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