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I first had a root canal performed on my bottom tooth when I was young. I was hit in the face and it chipped. I was advised that I need to do a retreatment because some 'bubbles' (the light areas to the right of the tooth root) and infection were present. During the procedure the tooth started bleeding but it did stop after about 10 minutes. Is it normal? I'm thinking that the instrument doc was using most likely went in too deep. The last time I had such bleeding occur resulted in tooth extraction however the tooth was fractured internally.
This has got me worried.

I'm including a before and after x-ray. I had some material present there before as well

Hi Tina-
Unfortunately, I think the xrays did not attach to your message:  so I haven't seen those.

However, bad on what your describe the "bleeding" may be a result of the infection draining through the tooth.  There are occasions when an endodontic file is passed to far and that can cause some bleeding as well, but usually not an issue.

I would continue to check this tooth with your endodontist (root canal specialist) to make sure it heals well and you can save the tooth.

Best of Luck,
KG Amin, DMD


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