About 20 years ago I had a root canal on #13. I think that's how it is described. upper tooth next to the pointy one. no problem except food kept getting stuck inbetween. my dentist connected it to the tooth next to it. All good for years. A little over a year ago my new dentist suggest I unconnect the two teeth and she would make a better tooth that looked and fit better. After 2 try's she said the tooth underneet that the cap attaches to is very small so she can't get a good fit. she suggested going to a specialist and get my gum cut off to expose more tooth. She said the cap now is leaving a pocket. The sensativity, pressure and ache comes and goes. Not sure why a dead tooth is sensitive. The tooth below it is a little sensitive. I went to a new dentist 2 days ago. she said there is a pocket and the gum is swollen and red around that tooth and suggested an implant as it could start to involve the bone if left. My thought is maybe I'm clenching my teeth in the night and the cap is actually not fitting right causing irritation. since there is a pocket why not just pop off the cap and let the gum settle down and the symptoms might go away. why has no one suggesed a bridge? I am 63 years old and the rest of my teeth are great. I do have filling and other teeth with root canals from years ago. no other issues, just this one tooth. I'm ready to just have it out and leave a gap there. What do you suggest I do. Thanks you.

i am sorry to hear that you are going through all of this. there are a lot of issues here to talk about. first off, if the tooth is graded hopeless and has to come out, you will have a couple of options to fill in that is a 3 tooth is an implant. implants are great because you do not touch the teeth on either side of the space...the tooth comes out, a tooth goes in to take this place.

now to get specific with what is going on with you now. can a dead tooth be sensitive? yes if the pain is caused by the gums and bone. once the nerve is gone, you will not have pain from that area. the pain can start with bad gums. a pocket means bone loss is present. so you can have pain from this. can you get the crown off, make a better fitting one and better with the bite and see if things calm down? it can be may work but it can easily not work. i cannot tell you if this is good candidate or bad one without seeing it in person. ask the dentist point blank what are your odds here?

leaving a gap won't be will see it when you talk or you have to be careful about teeth shifting when one is lost.

you have done everything you can  do at this point. one final option could be getting one more opinion to play it safe...

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