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yesterday and today ive had severe pain and sensitivity on the 3 or 4 left front teeth on top and bottom. ive went to the dentist in june to have my teeth cleaned and my 2 front top teeth filled. after they cleaned my teeth they became sensitive to cold and sugar. my filled teeth were sore for a few days but that went away. they gave my some prescription toothpaste to heal me smaller cavities, ive used that all up and now use sensidine pronamel for my sensitivity with mouthwash that helps restore enamel. i havent had pain like this since without having to bite into a scoop of ice cream. yesterday and today it seems to hurt for no reason, and they are much more sensitive to contact-rubbing them with my tongue hurts. i got some maximum strength orajel that i put on my gums, it helps some. i took some asprin too. i dont insurance anymore and not enough money to pay anyone out of pocket. if it doesnt stop tonight, tomorrow ill be going to the er. if you have any idea what it might be id love to know.

the ER will not be able to do much...maybe put you on antibiotic and pain need to see your dentist to get a diagnosis. it could be something simple like the bite being off or some root exposure...but it could mean something more such as a root canal being needed. i cannot tell you much online. this needs an xray and an examination in person. as far as costs go, dental schools are less can also call your local or state dental associations...they have lists of sliding scale (less expensive) clinics. make the call...good luck

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