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Dentistry/surgical area after bone graffing


I had a baby tooth extracted 2days ago & had some bone graffing put in & stitches for a future tooth implant, what is the surgical area supposed to look like while healing?? I am starting to get really nervous since the area where the Dr. stitched looks white, is this normal?? there seems to be a little bit of an odor also, I don't have any pain however! They also made me a flipper to put on that spot since it's close to the front of my mouth & I didn't feel secure having it exposed, should I not be wearing it during this healing process? please help!...

Maria -  Initially it is probably best that you hold off wearing the flipper for about 7-10 days to allow the graft to begin to heal.  

Whiteness in a healing site is not totally unusually.  Usually if the whiteness seems to have a little texture it is just new cell formation.  The whiteness should begin to resolve within 4-5 days.  Odor is not bad, but it is the beginning of growth of bacteria in the area.  Not dangerous bacteria, but rinsing your mouth with warm salt water 2-3 times a day for about a minute will promote cleanliness and healing.


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