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3 months ago I had my 2nd lower left pre-molar removed as it was badly fractured. The proceedure was quite tough, it took alot of pull to remove the tooth & it shattered on the way out. I've had to wear a temp partial denture during the day whilst the gum heals & I plan to have a bridge fitted soon.

Since the extraction however, I've had awful burning pain in my 2 front teeth, there's no sensitivity to cold/heat (in fact it helps to numb the pain), my dentist can't find any decay & they're not sensitive when tapped. He suggested that I may be clenching my jaw. Could this cause quite a lot of pain? I'm really worried as one of my front teeth seems to have pushed forward slightly making the gap between the lateral incisor much more pronouced! .

My jaw is feeling tight (but not painful) & sometimes I wake up in the night & my teeth feel like they are 'locked' together. My speech is also a little different & I've had a few ear infections. The tooth that was extracted used to sit quite high in my mouth & it was the only tooth that I would grind. Is my jaw struggling with the change in my bite, how would this only cause pain/shifting in my two front teeth?

I appreciate any advice you have.

clenching might be an explanation...the reason i think that is that the teeth seem to be moving and your jaws feel tight and you wake up locked up. these are all symptoms of clenching. and if this gets severe, you will have soreness and pain in your teeth. you mentioned losing that tooth made your bite shift. what you need now is some bite adjustment and a nightguard made. make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible and ask about these two things. don't wait...get in there and have it checked out.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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