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I had a hep b vaccine 3 weeks ago...about 2 days later I woke up with horrible tooth pain in a lower molar with a root canal...about 2 days later, I had numbness, tingling on that side of the face, then broke out on my temple with the blisters of shingles and the knife stabbing pain at temple and scalp and overall neuralgia, on that side of face...went to doc, started taking antivirals for shingles...this blisters are gone, stabbing pain is gone, neuralgia is almost gone, tooth ache had kinda gone away to the extent that it felt like bite was a little off, hitting a little high.  I have jaw issue on other side since I had 2 root canals on that the jaw on that side started giving me problems when I got the shingles on other side.  This tooth ache is gonna make me break my skull!  It is not temperature sensitive, it is not hurting in the gum, it just hurts when I bite down!  And now the neuralgia is starting on the opposite side!  Grrrrr!

So after that long old explanation and hope I haven't bored you with too many detail...I am wondering if this could be trigeminal nerve acting up rather than a genuine tooth ache?  After this vaccination, I have also developed strange MS like symptoms all over my body which have been quite irksome as well!  I've looked online about the side effects of this hep b vaccine and less than 1% of people have exacerbations of MS symtoms as well as shingles.  I scheduled MRI to rule out MS.  Ive also read online about facial shingles and it says it can cause the TN to go bonkers and wreak havoc with tooth pain.  Have you seen this or heard this in your practice?  I'm wondering how long this neuralgia might last as it is quite strange...mostly, I want this tooth ache to stop.

Thank you so very much!

Thank you many times over.

Jodie - sorry to be late with my response, but I'm in the hurricane zoone.
I have seen patients eith reacyions to other anti-viral injections with only mild reaction.  You r symptoms are a little more i dicative to muscle spasms of the jaw muscles.  There is often a compensatory reaction of the jaw muscles on the other side of the face from pain on the opposite side.  My duggestion to stadt is fsirly simple.  Begin wsrm sslt water rinses on that side for about 5 minutes 4-5 times s day. In addition use warm moist washcloths placed from the temple to the bottom of the jaw for 5-10 minutes again 4-5 times a day.  Give it 3-5 dsys begore you will begin to notice some improvement.  I hope this helps.  Get back to me and lrt me know how you are doing

My spellinvg will look off since I have no internet service and using my cellphone .  Sorry.


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