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Hi DR Teig,Can you tell me if ihave systoms of tmj. my right
cheek gets swollen and the cheek bone gets tender to touuh.It
also gets red and hot.My Dentist always adjusts my bite by
fileing my teeth he says i grind my teeth. I have a bite splint and do wear it but not all the time at night.Some of my crowns have metal showing through now from the fileing.Ifeel like my cheek is in a spasam.Is there any thing i can do .

also i had a apicoectomy on #5 tooth by entondontist 2 months ago and the gum above that tooth is numb and hard .how long does that last. is it normal for that to happen.Thank YOU Ann

Ann - A bite splint is used to relieve the spasms of the jaw muscles, but what is not normal is the redness of your cheek.  Overall it does sound like your jaw muscles are in spasm, but just placing a bite splint does not often totally eliminate the problem.  Grinding on the too, also, often does not completely eliminate jaw muscle spasms.  My suggestion is that you have yourself examined by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon to fully determine the cause of your problems and help to eliminate them.

As far as the numbness of the gum above an apicoectomy, that can take many months and occasionally the numbness is permanent.  So have the doctor who did the surgery evaluate the area.  


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