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Hi there! My 8 year old daughter hurt her upper tooth at school some how. Starting late last night she began crying from the tooth pain. We took her to the dentist today and he said  she may need a root canal. any way, she has had really bad pain all night and all of today. What concerns me is that i noticed that her cheek is swollen and red. we just started the amoxicilan(250m) today(one dose). Is the swelling normal?

Good morning Eddie,

I'm sorry to hear your daughter is going through all this, especially when the holidays are so close. If the tooth has abscessed, which would be why she was given antibiotics, the normal progression in many cases is to become painful and then swell. The antibiotics are designed to stop the infection from getting worse. Normally it take 24-48 hours for the antibiotic to START working and another day or two for things to really start feeling better. If the swelling becomes really big & forms like a pimple, sometimes it is possible to make a small incision in the area to release the pressure so she will feel better. It might also be possible to drill a hole in the back of the tooth to get drainage that way. Since I can't exam your daughter, I would suggest you contact your dentist tomorrow morning ASAP if she is worse, or even today if you feel it's necessary. Your dentist should have an emergency, after hours contact for his/her patients.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes for a GREAT holiday season and hope your daughter gets feeling better soon!

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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