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Shape of crown on lower molar tended to catch food pieces.  Dentist recommended replacing.  When replaced, tooth became infected.  Was sent to endodontist, who did root canal.  However, after root canal, tooth has pain -- not when biting/chewing or with heat/cold, but -- (only) when tooth is pressed outward or, especially, outward and toward back molar.  
Endodontist has re-medicated and done temp filling.  No relief.  Endodontist says problem can't be located, and will (very soon) place permanent filling on tooth.
Appropriate to do perm filling on tooth with such a problem?  Alternatives?
I have no problem with my dentist or endodontist, though I am of course disappointed that things have gone from not-bad to quite-bad.  However, simply doing a filling over a tooth with a pain problem seems, to my inexpert mind, at least unorthodox.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.

hi reed
yes you are right in finding it unorthodox. i find it wrong.
the problem and challenge with endodontic treatment is that it is a primarily a blind procedure and each tooth is very unique.
having said that... research and retrospection has shown that the most common causes of continued pain after root canal treatment are as follows:

a) cleaning and shaping of the canals shorter than the actual length of the tooth. this may either be because of incompetence of the doctor or because the root canals are blocked at the terminus of the root.

b) unlocated extra canals or unlocated branching of canals at the terminus of the root

c) undiagnosed fracture/crack lines in a tooth.

d) an undiagnosed gum problem in the same tooth.

what is exactly wrong in your case is a matter of further investigation. which usually includes multiple xrays and other tests.


the best way is to change your endodontist and visit another one or ask your endodontist to refer you to another endodontist.

if these are not possible then visit a nearest dental school and request a revaluation of the tooth by someone senior in the department of endodontics.

i may be able to opine in your case if you can post your xrays here in any case dont let the endodontist put a permanent filling!

best wishes
dr mayank kaurani


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