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Dr. I need to have two lower traditional implants placed to hold my bottom denture. I do not want to be without teeth. Can I get the implants in and the denture in the same day? I have heard they have to heal for months. Thank You

The key to a strong implant is healing. If you use an implant before it has integrated fully with the surrounding bone, it will never allow bone cells to form completely to the implant, therefore it will not have the same strength, and it can fail easily. Generally, the only immediately usable denture implants are the "all on four"type. This is because of the longer length and extreme angle used for placement,change the way forces transmit through the implant. This allows for healing while being used.
Do you already have a denture? Generally, this is lined with a soft lining and worn over the healing implants. If you don't have one, you may want to have a temporary denture with a soft lining, called a transitional denture made for you. This way you will have something you can wear for a few months while you heal. It is also a great way to determine the way you'd like the teeth to look in the final denture.  


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