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Dear doctor,

I am 40 years of age and got a impacted wisdom tooth extracted in my lower jaw last week on Thursday.

The tooth was  hard to remove as itwas horizontal and the surgeon took 1 hrs 20 minutes to remove pieces of  it.

My problem is many of my other teeth in the front and top jaw hurt  a lot.

Also,  there is  no swelling or bleeding but scant open my mouth a lot.

Why and when will the other teeth stop hurting?

I AM TAKING STRONG PAIN MEDS AND ANTIBIOTICS. if I stop the pain meds, the pain comes back.

Thanks so much for your help.


It sounds like youve been through a pretty difficult extraction. Generally, limited mouth opening following extraction is pretty common. The mouth has been overstretched, and musculature traumatized aka trismus. This is a slow process which should be feeling better in under 1 week.The fact that there is no swelling or bleeding is great. You should not need pain meds for more than 3-4 days. If there is still persisting pain after that, you need to contact your surgeon to be checked for dry socket or infection.
The reason the other teeth hurt is because of the pressure exerted on them while removing your wisdom tooth.Some of it is called referred pain. This is simply feeling the pain from the extraction site in different areas. This happens because the mouth is so highly innervated with nerves.
After age 30, bone is denser and stronger around wisdom teeth, and more difficult to remove.I dont know how long it has been since your surgery, but you should be feeling much better soon. Try to eat small amounts of soft foods and liquids that do not require chewing. Give your jaw a break to allow for healing.


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