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After a couple minutes of laying down last night, I began to feel discomfort on my left jaw side as well as in the back of the head. As soon as I got up and walked around it either faded or stopped completely. But when I layed back down it returned.
I saw my chiropractor today, unsure if it helped that much. I can think of a couple things that might be the issue:
-I had my bottom wisdom teeth taken out 3 months ago, but no problems with those, but I still have the top ones.
-My dentist had to rebuild a tooth and said at some point I might need a root canal on it. The tooth itself doesn't bother me as much as the left jaw side.
-I started wearing a TMJ splint, but never had any discomfort since wearing it. And this all started when I was NOT wearing the splint. Could the splint have changed my bite or moved my jaw since the last adjustment, and it just took a while for me to feel the effects?
The area I feel the most discomfort in is around the ear jaw area, and the back of the head. All on the left side.
What do you think could be the cause of this, and so suddenly?

Hi will
Pain on lying down is a classical sign of an infected tooth that needs a root canal. It happens due increase in blood pressure within the tooth when we lie down, when u get get up the blood flow decreases and hence the pressure. This phenomenon occurs in those teeth that have infected nerves.
Having said that other problems cannot be ruled out. But 8/10 times it happens because of infected tooth. Visit ur dentist and get it evaluated.
My vote is for a root canal,
Best wishes
Dr mayank kaurani


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