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2 weeks ago I had all my wisdom teeth extracted, ever since them by lip and chin are still numb. I saw the doctor today for my follow-up check up and told her about it. She prescribed me Methylprednisolone for the inflammation, it's the 21 tablets prescription one. My question is... is it worth taking this? Do you think it will help my numbness go away faster, etc?

Tona - If the numbness is due to inflammation, then the methylprednisolone could help.  Unfortunately, the numbness is not often caused by inflammation, but rather due to trauma of the nerve.  That trauma could be a crushing or a cutting of the nerve.  The crushing injuries get better moreso and the cut nerves sometimes never gets better.  It's worth taking the medication.  In addition, you should be rinsing the area with warm salt water for about 2-3 minutes for 4-5 times a day.  

It is important to have the doctor keep an eye on the numbness and map the area where it is.  Changes or getting better at all even with feelings of shocks, itches, burning are all positive signs that the nerve is healing.  If at 2 months there is no improvement, get an evaluation by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon to possibly repair the nerve.  So if no changes in the numbness occurs, get a second opinion and an evaluation about possibly repairing the damaged nerve.  


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