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I recently noticed a tiny red spot on my gums (smaller than a pinhead), right at the base of my front lower tooth (the corner of it). My gums are not hurting nor do they bleed. This spot also does not bleed. It looks like the gum but part of it is red as if a blood vessel or capillary or something burst. When I press on it, it temporarily changes color back to pink like my gums and then goes back to being the red color. I notice it more after brushing. I get regular check ups and I don't know if I did not notice it before or they did not, so I was going to ask at my next check up in February. Of course I "googled" this to see if anyone else had the same thing and nothing met the mark. Please advise :)

Dear Eva , I can't say what it is without an examination but I will offer some possibilities. I could be a small hemangioma, or a small area of inflammation, since both might blanch and look pinker when pressed. When we see a lesion in our office on a patient usually the best way to diagnose is to have a biopsy done, since this will most likely result in a definite diagnosis by an oral pathologist.

I feel that a patient has gingival inflammation, I suggest improving that they improve their toothbrushing in the area to see whether the red area goes away.

In any case, your best approach is to ask your dentist in February to see what he thinks it is.  


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