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Recently I had a cavity filled that I never knew was a cavity and never experienced pain from it. The dentist told me it was very deep, nerve deep, but since I never had problems I shouldn't after it was filled. However, I am now having problems. The pain and sensitivity of the tooth is something I've never experienced! I cannot allow anything slightly cold to touch the tooth or it sends a throbbing pain (like a brainfreez but in a tooth kind of pain) that lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. The dentist now says I need a root canal. Can I just get used to the pain and leave the tooth alone or will that cause some sort of infection?

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Hi rachel
Its true! Sometimes when a dentist works on a very deep cavity, symptoms like urs crop up. Its a classic case of an infected tooth becoming bothersome after a dentist fiddles with it. It has more to do with upsetting the balance between the germs that inhabit the cavity due to filling. More like waking up a sleeping giant.
Yes you do need a root canal otherwise the infection is going to spread to the underlying bone and tissues.
Dont stall it even if the pain subsides.
Root canals are best done by endodontists, so you should look for one even if it means waiting for a day or two. In the meantime keep popping tylenol to ease the pain and avoid cold bevarages/foods. If you develop a swelling then you need to go to a dentist asap.
Best wishes
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