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QUESTION: Had root canal done on my 2nd top molar due to too much sensitivity to hot and cold, however my dentist has said that I will have my crown fitted in roughly 6 months, is this a normal time scale to wait?

ANSWER: There is no reason to wait at all as long as the tooth feels comfortable. In fact, the longer you wait, the more chance the tooth may fracture from biting something.

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QUESTION: Thank you I will contact my dentist to rearrange my appointment,
also is it normal to feel slight sensitivity around the tooth( it's only happened wen I have applied pressure I can't feel hot or cold) I have never had a root canal done amd when your sitting in the dentist chair you forget what you wanted to ask as you just want yo get out asap

You had some significant work done on the tooth; the pulp tissue with all its nerves and so forth was basically "ripped out" of the tooth, and the nerves and so forth in the bone to which it was connected are disturbed and will take some time to heal. The is no way to predict whether they will recover 100% or some bit less than that. It is the same any time you have trauma, whether from an accident or from a surgery, to your body. So, some people will experience no change in sensation ultimately, and some teeth will always feel a little "different". So if you want to wait 6 months to see what happens, that is up to you; it merely increases the chance that you will break your tooth which then might not be restorable.  


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