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I have had tmj for a few years now causing jaw and ear pain mainly on my right side. A few months ago I noticed a more enlarged lymph node under my jaw on the right side also. I went to tw doctor who said it was a reactive lymph node. He said it was not abnormally swollen. It has been this way for months. I also clinch my teeth and grind. I had a root canal last may and the node in directly below that molar in my jaw. The tooth was very infected. Could this node just remained swollen from that infection or could this have something to do with the tmj? My anxiety is getting the best of me right now. Thanks.

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Hi, Kim,

Lymph notes are "capture locations" for foreign organisms; they swell as they do their job.  In this case, a nearby infected tooth sounds like the source.  However, if the tissue surrounding the lymph node is contracted (i.e., if the floor of your mouth is contracted, that would impede circulation and could lead to congestion and swelling.

As to your TMJ Dysfunction, another set of actions outside the reach of dentistry is called for.  Please see,1.htm.  


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