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Hi doctor,
Does a tooth have to be sensitive to hot/cold to require a root canal?  My back upper molar bothers me sometimes, for almost a month now. It started with irritation in the gums around it and I did see what looked like a pimple in my inner cheek side where this tooth hurt.  But the tooth is not sensitive to hot/cold...or even biting force.  It just hurts from time to time? It does have large deep fillings already..I'd like to keep it by all means and not have to ignore a root canal that would save it....

The pimple was most likely a draining infection and yes then you do need a root canal.  Tooth is sensitive only when nerve is dying, then can be pain free.  Since this tooth seems to be infected I would see an Endodontist (root canal specialist) to do it, not a general dentist.


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