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Him is sofia i am currentoy taking a semester as a foreign student at Canada

I never in my life had a cavity ...I had to come to canada......

Horrible umbearable pain a cavity with infection anyways I had a root canal.
He billed me for over 1000 dollars and then had the merve to tell me it will be 1200 more for the crown.

If I had know i would have come home instead.. So i said a big no to the crown.

So far so good no pain a little sensitvity but imwas told that was normal.

However being in love with my teeth and concerned that my tooth might break without a crown I noticed today with a miror that my tooth has a clear round hole in the middle.

My question is : is this normal since I have a root canal with no crown?

Or was the filling not done properly?

I thank you in adance for your reply"

Hi Sofia,
Sorry about your frustration with your dentist.  The fees and process you describe is normal, but it should have been communicated with you ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

Usually after the root canal procedure, a temporary filling is placed in the interim till the crown is done.  It sounds as if the temporary filling has fallen out if you don't see any material in the center of the tooth.  Usually that temporary material is only meant to last 3-4 weeks.  I suggest you at least have the dentist replace the temporary material, or better yet put a permanent filling (build-up) to keep it sealed until you get the crown done.  Otherwise, you risk the tooth getting re-infected and needing another root canal procedure.

Hope this helps,
Ketan Amin, DMD
Austin Center for Endodontics (Root Canal Specialists)
Austin Center for Endodontics


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