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MikeA wrote at 2013-05-17 19:16:46
Dr.Kaufman, Dentists like you are the typical reason why it's so hard to find a good dentist. When composite fillings are not properly adjusted they will put undo pressure on the opposing tooth, this will cause one of teeth to crack, a thickening of the periodontal ligament (which can become a permanent sensitivity), and/or constant pain for the patient. The biggest problem I have with dentists is they don't take the time, or obtain the necessary education, to learn how to adjust a proper bite after doing dental work. In the past, when amalgam fillings were the standard, this wasn't too much of a problem as you only had to deal with this incompetence when you got a crown. However, now that composite fillings are the standard, patients have to deal with incompetent dentists not properly adjusting a bite nearly every time they have dental work. Dental paper is a joke and the ADA really has to get their act together and mandate a better technology (yes even if it's more expensive and you dentists have to pay a little bit more for the equipment). As for me, every tooth that I lost was due to an incompetent dentist. If I never went to a dentist in my life, then I would have all my teeth today. My ordeal started with my first dentist who, against my strong objections, kept putting temporary fillings in my lower left wisdom tooth because he felt it may need root canal some day. Of course, after a year of temporary fillings coming and going the tooth actually did need root canal. Being a wisdom tooth, I chose to have it removed, which he was too incompetent to do. I then had it extracted by an oral surgeon, who cracked the tooth in front of it in the process. I had that tooth crowned by a competent dentist when I lived in Virginia. Ten years later the crown came off another incompetent dentist replaced it but never got the bite correct, even though he kept insisting that it was fine. After years of pain an x-ray showed a marked thickening of the periodontal ligament and I opted to have the crown removed. However, my next incompetent dentist insisted on root cannel, even though there was no signs whatsoever of infection or an abscess. I agreed only if she removed the crown first. When she started the procedure and I was already in the chair she said she would drill through the crown for the root canal and remove the crown at the end of the procedure. By so doing I was in horrific pain after the first half of the procedure and ran a fever for days afterwards before I could finally convince her to prescribe antibiotics. After the procedure was complete, the tooth hurt like hell! I had it x-rayed and low and behold, she cracked the tooth clear down to the root by performing the root canal. I then, had to lose the tooth with a horrific extraction because the tooth shattered into pieced from the root canal. I'm not saying that all dentists are incompetent. I had a great dentist is Virginia, he actually worked on top politicians so he had to be good. However, he was the exception and not the rule. Too many dentists are like you who dismisses something serious like an incorrect bite as something that will work itself out. I found the best way to find a decent dentist is by the equipment they have in their office. If they skimp with cheap chairs, operatorys, x-ray sensors, and equipment, then you can pretty much be assured that hey will skimp on you. When looking for a dentist take a tour of the office. If you see top equipment (which can be found with a little research on the Internet) then go for it. Otherwise, don't walk - run!


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