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Hello Doctor,

Greetings. Let me give you brief history about my teeth. I had an accident in 1992 and my front tooth #9 was traumatised, no treatment was done until 2002, i had apicsectomy on that tooth without any cap. In 2008 again i had pain on the same very tooth and  apicsectomy was done again, I was on terrible pain during that time doctor opened the root canal for my tooth #8 and #10. Eventually i lost the tooth #9. After that i was given implan on my #9 tooth and since then its fine. All this was completed in 2009.

Now i am living in a different country.

Since last 1 month i am having slight discomfort and pain in my tooth #8. I went to doctor here and got the xray done. Dr mentioned that i have apisectomy done on my tooth #8 , which was a big surprise for me , because i never went for apisectomy on my # 8 tooth. I am attaching my xray here which was taken yesterday for ypour advice. Kindly advice whether its Root canal or apisectomy. Alo please let me know what is causing the discomfort/pain, is there any infected issue building inside my tooth? Also please advice me about soultion , dr. here told me i have two option one is apisectomy  or implant. But he said as apisectomy was already done 2nd one will have less chances of success. But this is a big surprise for me as i never had apisectomy on my #8 tooth. Only root canal treatment was done.

Pleae help to asnwer my queries. I thankyou in advance for your time.

Hi Abhi,
Sorry about your recent dental issues.  Based on the xray, it does look like apicoectomy was done on tooth #08.  I would try to see if you can obtain your records from your previous dentist to make sure.

It looks like the root end filling material used in the apicoectomy #08 was amalgam-silver.  There are better materials used here in the US-possibly also in Singapore.  If you are having pain and symptoms with tooth #08 and want to save it, then a 2nd apicoectomy would be the best treatment.  I would see an endodontist (root canal specialist) to evaluate #08 and #10.  I would also have an oral surgeon or periodontist evaluate the implant #09 to make that is healing well.

Hope this helps,
Ketan Amin, DMD
Austin Center for Endodontics (Root Canal Specialists)
Austin Center for Endodontics


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