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A couple days ago I had crown put on my,I believe,number 12 tooth. Before placing it the dentist said my gum had receded in the 5 weeks since he placed my temporary and there would be what appeared to be a line where it joins the gum line. He said its not a line but a shadow although it shows regardless of the light. He said he could fix it but my gum would probably recede again and I would have the line so I let him attach it. When I left and looked at it I immediately didn't care for the way it looked. It seems to me perhaps your gums will recede but shouldn't it at least look good when you have it attached. I wonder if it was made right to begin with. He did agree to replace it for no charge, I'm going back in a few days.

My questions. Can gums recede that fast? If this one looks this way now if they recede more wouldn't it look worse still? He says no. He mentioned he may make me a porcelain for better aesthetics but its not as strong as porcelain/metal fused. Is there much difference in strength? Aesthetic wise I'm fine with the color, shape etc. it just looks like it doesn't fit. Lastly is it a big deal to redo it? Will he have to remove a lot more tooth? I'm slightly on the fence about leaving it alone, thinking he may make it worse but I'm not happy with it.

Thank you so much for your time

Thanks for your question. You seem like a very reasonable and level-headed patient. It is rare for gums to recede that quickly, although it can happen especially if there was inflammation from a gum problem that has been resolved. Another possible reason for the quick gum recession is if the temporary was not made properly it can impinge on the gum and cause the recession, or if the margins of the temporary crown were made too bulky it can be a plaque trap and result in recession.
Regarding the metal margin, I would recommend that a new metal-free crown be made. There would be no metal showing, and as I mentioned before it is unusual for gum recession to happen rapidly so you shouldn't be concerned about that. There are some new materials such as e-max which is a very strong type of porcelain with excellent strength and aesthetics. But the MOST important factor when it comes to crowns is not the material... It's the dentist. The design, the shape and the fit will determine the ability to maintain a healthy and maintainable tooth underneath.
Bottom line, I say get the crown redone so it looks and feels comfortable. A good dentist will not remove additional tooth structure when removing and old crown.
Best of Luck,
Joseph Zelig, DDS


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