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hi i am a 20 year old female and i have had a decent amount of work done on my teeth as a child. currently i do not have insurance and most likely will not, so your answer will most likely be my only help towards the situation. i would like to start off saying that i clench and grind my teeth alot i have noticed. but my main concern is about my upper right first bicuspid(i believe) i cannot remember if i have had it filled as a child or not but it seems to be almost decaying or cracking around the corner in between my 1st and 2nd bicuspids, i believe my clenching/grinding has cause the back of my bicuspid to wear down almost into my gum. it is curved. i randomly get pains in that tooth but tonight it is hard to sleep and it is a little swollen around my two teeth. it feels like it is a paper thin crack or if its a filling it feels almost as if the side of my tooth is decaying around it. it is impossible to try and floss between the two because there is absolutely no room between them and the (cracked part) of my tooth seems to just cut the floss. i have had this problem for a few years now and i am very scared because it seems to only get worse and i feel as though the only thing to do is have it taken out. please get back to me as soon as possible, thank you ~ Amber

this sounds like severe wear. you really should have a dentist look at this before you choose an extraction. this is far too close to the will not like the space created if you lose the tooth. you might have some lower cost options. call your local or state dental association. they might have names of sliding scale fee clinics. also, consider a nearby dental school. these are often very reasonably priced. an xray will tell you if the nerve is involved. that might influence your final decision. make some of these calls and see what you can do. good luck

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