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I recently had a bone graft done on 14 and 15. Wisdom tooth 16 was extracted long ago. The hope is to have a dental implant on 14 in the future if the bone graft takes.

1 - Is it wise to put an implant on 15 or is that not necessary?

2 - I had sutures put in after the bone graft and a mesh covering. Does the mesh covering get taken out with the sutures or does it stay in?

3 - When the sutures are removed, will the bone graft material be visible or will the gums be joined together?

4 - I read about bits of bone graft material falling out being normal? For how long in the process, from surgery to 6 months for the healing before implant time, is it normal for bits of bone graft material to fall out?

5 - Does this falling out of bone graft material happen with all types of bone graft - cadaver and synthetic?

Hi Cris,
1- It's not necessary to have an implant on #15, but you will gain further chewing efficiency on the left side with the extra surface area that #15 gives you.  It will also help prevent the opposing tooth from supra-erupting.

2- It depends  what kind of 'mesh' or membrane the dentist used.  There's 2 kinds of membranes in the market, a resorbable and non-reresorbable.  The non-resobable has to be removed.

3- Depends.  If the gums have 'joined together' or achieved primary closure (which is ideal), the graft material will not be visible.

4- Depends and Yes.

5- It can happen with cadaver or synthetic bone.



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