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I noticed this buldge on the side of my tongue kind of under side I my tongue. It doesn't hurt an its the same color as the other tissue. It's not hard at all it feels normal. When I stil my tongue out I really don't see it only when I touch my tongue to the side or to the roof of my mouth. There is a little buldge on the opposite side but not as large and prominent. Is this normal tissue or something I should be worried about?

Kim - The appearance of your tongue on all three pictures is completely normal.  The bulging areas are just glandular tissue that exists in the tongue.  The tongue has taste buds, saliva producing tissue and other glandular tissues.  The bulges are all normal in appearance.  So relax.

Just so you know, the two sides of the tongue are not 100% equal and there appearance can be a little different on the two sides.  


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